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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lake O. mayor race is barnburner

Some new numbers -- tight as ever, but Studebaker is now ahead by a hair:

Clackamas County:
Kent Studebaker - 7,680 - 50.4%
Greg Macpherson - 7,566 - 49.6%

Multnomah County:
Kent Studebaker - 445 - 45.09%
Greg Macpherson - 532 - 53.90%

Washington County:
Kent Studebaker - 2 - 100.00%
Greg Macpherson - 0 - 0.00%

Kent Studebaker - 8,127 - 50.09%
Greg Macpherson - 8,098 - 49.91%

Comments (2)

Looks like Metro is being rejected again.

We all should recall that the voter's soundly rejected Metro's density mandate in 2002. Unfortunately Metro tricked the voters into voting for Rex Burkholder's fake measure instead of OIA's real density rollback.

The details of Metro’s (and Burkholder's) lie to the voters is explained here: http://www.stopmetro.com/

Metro's fake anti-density mandate measure got 65% voter approval. One analysis claims that probably at least 75% of the region's voters voted to limit density when you count those that voted for only one measure. See: debunkingportland.com/smart/metrodensityvote.htm

That is a stunning rejection of Metro's density policy, with even Multnomah county voting 63% to stop increasing density in the neighborhood. Unfortunately they were tricked by Rex Burkholder and Metro into voting for a do nothing measure instead of the real density limit.

Clackastan is a good start, but it is ten years past time to clean out the vermin that still infests Metro.


We worked very hard to get past Judie's mob. Her pick of a well-known political name, Greg Macpherson, who has never shown any interest in local politics, was a desperate attempt to override a groundswell of dislike for the current way of doing things. The old guard has only one agenda, and that is to meld with Metro and turn the entire region into clusters of TODs no matter what it does to livability or how they impact our rights. Their goals supersede all.

I hope Kent will hold his lead, and this morning he sure looks like a winner. Kent is an intelligent, even-tempered and well considered person who will lead an informed and committed council to a sane agenda that has more to do with LO than Metro or whatever the Congress for New Urbanism is pushing. We need people whose minds are open to new ideas and not fixated on one path. Good luck Kent!

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