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Friday, November 9, 2012

Have a great weekend

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So that's what the Obama phone lady looked like when she was young!

okay for newer Rap?

More my Speed: OLD RAP

Willie Dixon (who Led Zepplin And The Stones among others Ripped Off ) Otis Spann,Muddy Waters, Pine Top Perkins,Memphis Slim



This clip of Queen Latifah is more than 20 years old. That is an eternity in rap years.

And of course, the ancestor of rap is the talking blues.
I searched in vain for Pete Seeger's "Talking Atom" ("if Einstein is scared, I'm scared")

However, i did find Woody Guthrie and this one:

Love Woody,Spent 2 weeks around thanksgiving a million years ago looking for Arlos "New" Album Alice's Resturant in Dallas. Finally found it in 8 track at
Nieman Marcus. Yeah was cool.
When you find cool. Grab a bottle of Merlot or Indio Vodka (local oregon)and ENJOY!!!!!!

And Love this


Rap the old way !!!!

Thanks for the School'n BoBo... tickled to my toes!

So PomMom of LO is clever and classy!

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