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Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting with the program

The Portland State Patronage Center is also an indoctrination center for the local dogma. Here's our congressman, Earl the Pearl, preaching last evening.

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Sometimes I wonder if the governments of Portland and Salem haven't been quietly overthrown in the past 4 years...

... naw.

I think they got the name wrong, it should be the, "Portland State Parroting Center"...

Blumenauer has yet to get it, let alone get it right. His preaching continues to be an indoctrination of egotistical propaganda. It is pity some people and students believe in his twisted agenda.

What's a bit alarming is how that's happened before, more than once in human history. It always came to a bad end.

Mr. Grumpy,
I had a chat with Miss Grim today,
she and her sister Miss Gloom agree with you.
The brother Mr. Doom wasn't there today,
so you don't need to worry about Doom and Gloom,
however, remember Miss Grim wanted to meet you at last year's
office cyber party, and hopes to do so this year.
It may not happen, as the family may be beyond depressed with the elections this year, and if they can possibly get over it, they may make plans to leave.

Ha, ha. Thanks. I'm only gloom and doom about having something I once dearly loved being abducted and sold into slavery, never to be seen or heard from again.

Today I saw a nice remodeled building on Killingsworth, christened the "center for intercultural organizing". Near that scene of a spate of recent crime. The center for interculturalorganizing organizing had a big sign in the window indicating it was supported by the PDC "community livability grant". Guess what was going on in there. A ballot measure presentation. Can't imagine who was doing the presenting. Tea party, suddenly, I see their message loud and clear. My tax dollars paying for this? Sorry, I don't give permission, you PDC charlatans.

This, on the heels of another intercultural community livability experience I had today. We were leaving our house, and got in to our car, whereupon we noticed a deranged individual who appeared to be talking to a tree on our sidewalk strip. He then motioned to us, so I rolled down the window, only to hear him ask us for help, because "I have a whole lot of white people creeping behind me trying to kill me." The monologue degenerated when a brick dropped out of his garbage bag, he saw my husband reaching for his phone, whereupon he started threatening us with getting his gun. Suddenly, I understood, the concept of gated communities.

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