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Saturday, November 24, 2012

For that plumber on your gift list

Our nine-year-old never fails to provide new perspectives. Her keen eye spotted this scene on Black Friday in the Guess store at Lloyd Center:

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Where are his plaid boxers?

That's AC not PC.

That's PSA: Just Say No to Crack

Guess what?
Guess who?


Benetton's mannequins to spy on you
Atlantic - This holiday season, if you shop at Benetton, you may be under surveillance.
.... The store has purchased mannequins from an Italian company which promises that "from now on the mannequins will not only display your collections ... [but will] make it possible to 'observe' who is attracted by your windows and reveal important details about [them]."

As Bloomberg's Andrew Roberts reports:
"It's spooky," said Luca Solca, head of luxury goods research at Exane BNP Paribas in London. "You wouldn't expect a mannequin to be observing you."

The EyeSee looks ordinary enough on the outside, with its slender polystyrene frame, blank face and improbable pose. Inside, it's no dummy. A camera embedded in one eye feeds data into facial-recognition software like that used by police. It logs the age, gender, and race of passers-by.

That doesn't look like any plumber's butt I've ever seen. Its missing hair, pimples and several inches of blubber. Just sayin.

Isn't that the sort of thing where the duck keeps hi head?

Very telling juxtaposition -- those ugly little Hipster hats always look like ass.

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