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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ellis McCoy as Lee Harvey Oswald

The official City Hall version of the Portland parking manager scandal continues to be doled out in dribs and drabs. It goes something like this: He was acting alone. Nobody in the chain of command knew about his multiple counts of accepting bribes. And the halfhearted investigation into widespread reports of his misconduct? Well, it was all done according to the book.

Moreover, they say, the city has already fixed whatever was wrong -- if anything -- with its contracting processes. The latest pronouncements from the bureaucrats, repeated verbatim here without a trace of skepticism or criticism, should numb the mind. So stop wondering about what really happened. There's nothing more to see. He's gone now. And just think -- bike sharing is coming soon!

Comments (6)

Remember in this new double-speak world, he wasn't taking bribes, they were "performance-based incentives".

And yes I do believe they have "fixed" the situation. All future performance-based incentives will be handled in a much smoother, discrete fashion.

Just keeping telling the same lie over and over until it becomes truth.

"Next time we'll make sure to better hide the evidence and not get caught with our pants down..."

I believe the city auditor remains critical of City Hall's lame "corrective" actions in this matter. But maybe all reviews and City Hall practices need to be run through the new City department of "Equity."

This might not have been a news item if the incentives had gone into a re-election effort.

Wow. (No exclamation point)
I knew that the denizens of City Hall have no respect for the citizens who happen to live here, but their revulsion that we believe we should be allowed to ask any questions, much less have any involvement other than being milked/fleeced, is palpable.

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