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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Egan wins court of appeals race

His opponent keeps expanding his lead in Multnomah County, but statewide Egan crushes.

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Fascinating. Let me be the first to suggest that this is where the pot vote really showed up that you thought might sink Brown.

Volpert was the face for the horrendous Vernonia case that made helped show that America really was dead and that kids who just wanted to play sports had to be ready to toe the line and pee in the cup whenever commanded. I wouldn't have voted for him running unopposed, much less against a decent opponent like Egan. I don't smoke weed, but I'm guessing that people who think it important knew exactly who Volpert is and why he should never be allowed to make decisions for other people.

Volpert had all the Portland political establishment behind him. That doesn't always play well downstate. And a lot of lawyers in Portland thought Egan was a better choice. The better candidate won, despite his Republican Party membership.

I voted for Volpert because he long ago clerked for Mick Gillette and had his endorsement. Gillette was a prodigious worker when he was a state supreme, keeping that court moving. I was assuming Volpert would have similar work habits.

I rarely post but your statements about Tim Volpert are inaccurate -- factually and otherwise. The better candidate did not win (for this particular position) and a lot of lawyers did not think Egan was the better choice. For example, see the OSB Judicial Preference poll which Tim won or are you aware of some other survey of lawyers that says otherwise? Mr. Egan is a sitting judge and had the backing of OTLA. That is good enough in these type of races. Congratulations to Jim Egan but many people who practice in that court or sit on that court believe Tim was the much better candidate.

My, aren't you a bitter loser. I said many lawyers thought he was better. That is true. "Better" is my opinion, and that of the majority of voters. You might try some ketchup on that crow.

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