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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Damned if they do

The post office is delivering to Portland officials completed ballots that don't have postage on them. And the elections people are criticizing the post office for doing it. Now there'll be an argument about whether the ballots delivered without postage should be counted.

Can you imagine the heat the post office would catch if it didn't deliver the ballots? By the time they got back to the voter, the election would be over and there'd be all sorts of recriminations. Vote-by-mail -- what a great innovation. (Speaking of which, it's time for you to go fill out your ballot, and that of your spouse, housemate, or deceased relative.)

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Yes, but vote-by-mail saves a ton of money that can be better spent on political pork.

You're right Jack! The usual suspects would claim voter suppression of those incapable of affording postage and/or the cognitive ability to affix a stamp to the envelope. And since these two groups are overly represented in the Democrat party -- well one can only imagine the cries of a Republican plot!

Is It correct to assume you don't need postage if drop you ballot off at a drop box?

More anecdotes from the field:

+ when people move, do they ever notify the election office that they no longer live at the old address? Typically not. Ask a few apartment dwellers if they get ballots for the previous tenants. Easy way to be registered in multiple jurisdictions

+ above scenario varies whether voter moves out of state, to another county, to another precinct, or to another address within the same precinct

+ some who get multiple ballots think they are supposed to vote each one.

+ an acquaintance got divorced 2 years ago, and ex-husband moved out of the country. Friend notified the election office to stop sending ballots. Ballots keep coming for two years now

There are so many potential issues with vote-by-mail in this ever-changing world.

There are so many potential issues with vote-by-mail in this ever-changing world.

And so many potentials opportunities for election fraud and manipulation! We switched to this system around the same time politics started getting 'funny' around these parts. Coincidence?

There are issues period with our elections, the machines being another. For those who deny there are problems and think convenience and quick results are more important than accuracy, see what a respected national laboratory has to say about it.


Voting machines can be hacked in 2 minutes — say experts
November 3, 2012
Researchers who work at Argonne National Laboratory show how vulnerable America’s touch screen machines are. The researchers hacked two mainstream voting machines in less than two minutes. Check out this CNN video below.

Former mailman, and by no means a fan of vote by mail.

If I recall, ballots are endorsed as do not forward, and return service requested.

That way, so long as there is a change of address on file, the ballot gets sent back to plant, returned to the county elections office with the new address printed on it for a fee.

The burden is then on the Election office to update their data base. I have also seen postcards from Elections go to the new address, asking the addressee if the move is permanent.

A whole bunch of places for the system to break down. But I thought I'd toss that out there.

One anecdote that comes to me second hand, from the carrier who picked up the ballot.

We had a case where a woman had somehow registered her dog to vote, and sure enough, the same dog had its ballot filled out and mailed the next day. We weren't able to report it as I recall, as it would have been a violation of the Privacy Act.

I and most people like vote by mail for the major convenience factor.

The elections should just pay for the postage.

Soon, everyone will be voting on the internet.

Democracy with integrity isn't about convenience. I am more interested about accuracy in our elections. We seem to be able to focus on just about anything else for a holiday, why not set aside a day for people to vote?

No information is available on how Oregon ballots suffer from insufficient postage. This article in the Helena Independent Record indicates that insufficient postage in Missoula County, Montana, this election has affected 300 out of 40,000 returned ballots, which is a rate of 3/4 of 1%: http://goo.gl/tD15p.

For an accurate description of this subject, see my press release from yesterday at http://goo.gl/nmkTJ and the Oregonian article at http://goo.gl/qYXrv.

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