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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cr-apartment parking showdown this afternoon

The City of Portland planners have scheduled a public forum for this afternoon to discuss all the apartment bunkers going up in inner eastside neighborhoods without off-street parking. Of course, it's being held when people with actual lives can't go, but even so, we suspect the smug city bobbleheads are going to get an earful. Details are here.

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Not only do they not have any parking for residents, of which 85% own cars, but they have virtually no green space to add to the total hypocrisy.

Plus the construction process and materials used is on par with the slums we built in Chicago during the first phase of "urban renewal". That worked out well.

Doesn't matter when the meeting is held, except the planners might be lynched if too many people came. The decisions have been made eons before these apartments were conceived. Unless ... they somehow get rid of the planners and get hold of the planning process again. But it won't be changed from the neighborhood associations unless those are turned into functioning, cohesive, combined campaign organizations that can elect a sane city government.

And just in time for the meetings, Portland City Planners come out and give the middle finger to their new boss, and the citizens at large, the middle finger.


I wouldn't be surprised if the publicly subsidized real estate planning and development machine has become an unstoppable juggernaut bigger than any popularly elected mayor.

Besides, with the planners and developers scaring away more and more jobs ...

Sealy Moving Plant to Lacey - Portland too Expensive

... property taxes from increased development will be all they have left to keep themselves employed.

So what, another dog and pony show? Like the discussion will do ANYTHING. Is there REALLY anyone who actually believes it will have one ounce of weight or change? It is just one level short of having the planners sitting there with ipod ear buds in their ears while the testimony is going on. Eventually they can get to the point where each chair will have a cardboard cut out rather than an un-intentive human being.

Native Oregonian,
That would be a money saving idea, would only have to pay once for a cardboard cut out. We would be spared from their lengthy presentation and arrogance
before being able to testify.

The bobble head cronies at the planning commission just don’t get it. They babble on and on about equity, sustainability and make a bug deal about the price tag that developers must incur to provide parking that would increase rents for affordable housing; but fail to consider the costs of taxpayer funded subsidies needed to provide unsustainable transport alternatives for the car less people that don’t pay anywhere near the expense of the infrastructure options being utilized. Likewise the commission doesn’t take into account the number of private sector jobs and trickle down jobs the auto industry provides; but seem to think continuing to build more of these 1920s era tenement slums of the future is just hunky dory. There is a total disconnect between reality and the lower standard of living car free fantasy world being promoted. The majority of supporters are the connoisseurs already feasting at the public subsidy feeding trough.

Italians refer to those sort of politicians as 'maiale'. Portland politics might as well be a farm.

Planning Commission? Chris Smith. I rest my case.

...but they have virtually no green space to add to the total hypocrisy.

If any added, most likely would be small parcels of toxic ground left or larger toxic parcels vacated and we would be paying for cleaning, brown-fields as new areas for the children to play in. Good ground most likely to be covered with housing developments, as developers would be spared the additional expense of clean up. Course if they are friends with PDC, we would end up paying there too!

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