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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blessed event for the Gatsbys

Ron Wyden and his wife had a baby girl this morning. The senator even dragged his spouse out from New York to Portland for the delivery. There's one more factoid for him to wheel out when the bona fides of his Oregon residency are challenged.

They'll all be back in the Big Apple in plenty of time for the holidays, of course. In any event, congratulations to the family, and good luck to Wyden with three small kids including a newborn at age 63.

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God, it was hard enough for me to handle the rigors of fatherhood in my early 30s...can't even imagine what it must be like at 63. Of course, I'm sure Ron's got resources to help with diapering and whatnot that far exceed mine...

63 isn't young even to be a grandfather. I hope the kids from the first family are cool with it. That isn't always the case.

His New York residency and Oregon senatorship should be a least a minor scandal.

That's interesting news. My last child was born almost 18 years ago, and the doctor put us on very strict orders to not travel within a month of the delivery. It sounds like they planned it all out way ahead of time to have the baby delivered here since it looks like they spend at least 90% of their time in New York.

Oregonians love a good game of charades. They take them seriously.

Great news! He'll be 84 when she graduates from college!
No chane of early retirement for the R senator from NY.

SHE is 49! I wonder who donated the sperm and eggs?

Various published stories report Mrs. Bass-Wyden is 51, include a March 24th article from WSJ.

God love them. I can't imagine chasing toddlers in my 50s or 60s. It's hard enough in my 40s. I suppose they're taking vitamins and have a nanny or three.

Could be one of those medical miracles ... where the treatment is harder on your health than the symptoms.
Also, for as much scheduling as was planned in the event, (if any), the Congressional Staff at-large Astrologer or even a newbie in private practice coulda shoulda woulda advised the consenting adults to deliver themselves away from this week of afflictions under an eclipse of the Moon, and with the regimental rings of Saturn confining the feminine Venus captured, bound, ungraced.

"The senator even dragged his spouse out from New York to Portland for the delivery.

A book reviewer says that in "Ranch Under the Rimrock," the autobiography of Dorothy Lawson McCall,

... she describes briefly the life of the East, (where she returns [Boston each time] to deliver her babies [five total, Gov. Tom McC. 2nd-born]), and in more detail the life that she and her husband built for themselves in Oregon ....
Births ex-jurisdiction: that's the Republican stylie. (btw, it's like a freak of nature that Wyden was born the same year as Springsteen)

All of the posts, including Jack's initial post, that assume Ron and his wife will be chasing around toddlers is precious, romantic even.

Those old fogies aren't chasing any kids around. Get real.

Seriously, what's the over under on the number of poopy diapers they'll change? 5? 10? How about just Ron Wyden himself? You think he'll change even one?

I will, of course, apologize for my skepticism should I be proven incorrect. They might be very engaged parents, who knows? What are the odds on my being proven incorrect? 5-1? 10-1? Ha! No one is going to take that bet at any odds.

Hey, Jo, how many diapers are they -- or their staff -- going to change in Oregon?!

So that's why Wyden pushed so hard for that non-stop airline flight from PDX to DCA. Towing a kid through an airport is no fun...and neither is towing a kid on public transit.

And he isn't high enough on the totem pole to enjoy the use of the Air Force's fleet unlike certain Senators to our south...

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