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Monday, November 5, 2012

Battle of the questionnaires

Local government in Portlandia is big on taking surveys these days. When they say what the politicians want to hear, you hear all about the results; when they don't, the sound of crickets is not unusual.

Some folks who are concerned about the parking-less apartment bunkers that are being slapped up on the city's inner east side are taking their own poll on the subject. A portal to the survey, which isn't short, can be found here:

Who's behind the survey?

The Citywide Land Use Group (CWLUG) consists of the Land Use Chairs of the 95 neighborhoods in the City of Portland. As volunteers for our respective neighborhoods, we recognize apartments with little or no off-street parking have serious impacts on the community. It is our wish to identify your concerns.

Why is this worth my time?

The results of this survey will be presented by the CWLUG to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission at their forum November 13th at 1:30 p.m. Together with the results of the City's own apartment-users survey, we propose to begin a dialogue and promote a series of actions that will have a direct affect on retaining community livability. Your input can help change what are considered important factors in dealing with this issue.

What will the CWLUG do with the survey information?

-- We will present a summary of the Apartment Parking Survey to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) on November 13.
-- We will submit A "white paper" report to the City Council and PSC which summarizes the Survey results and recommended next steps.
-- We will use the results as a resource base for furthering the CWLUG process of gathering the community's input and making sure the full range of issues and ideas are addressed.
-- We will develop a set of recommendations for changes and improvements to the City zoning code and permitting process.

If you're interested in chiming in, the questionnaire starts here.

Comments (5)

Sample questions -

How excited are you about the changes we are dictating?

What is your favorite thing about being told how to live your life by the state?

How much more would you be willing to pay for fewer services?

(Holy crap I just looked at the survey - and I wasn't too far off)

What will the CWLUG do with the survey information?

We will discard any response that we don't agree with.

CWLUG, and specifically is chair, Bonnie McKnight, have long been apologists for and shills for the planning mafia in PDX.

Bonnie is an ex TriMe planner, IIRC.

(Darn "T" key is still sticking.)

CWLUG, and specifically its chair, Bonnie McKnight, have long been apologists for and shills for the planning mafia in PDX.

Bonnie is an ex TriMet planner, IIRC.

An empty blighted lot across he stree from Bonnie's house was graced with the Water Bureau's $ 600,000 demonstration house.

Some people are so lucky.

"2. State regulations require that cities reduce auto travel and auto parking spaces to reduce congestion and greenhouse-gas emissions. Portland's regulations in place to achieve that, such as removing parking requirements along Transit Streets, should be continued."

Is this survey for regular citizen type people or planners? How am I supposed to know what a Transit Street is, let alone what the the "removal of parking requirements" might means?

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