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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Avakian pumps out 10 press releases in October

Oregon's labor commissioner, who was running for re-election, vigorously churned the publicity butter last month, having his government flack send out 10 press releases. Secretary of State Kate Brown was close behind with 6, followed by Treasurer Ted Wheeler with 3 and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum with only 1. All four got to keep their positions and will now resume posturing to become governor in a couple of years.

The year-long tally stands as follows:

The meter misses Kroger. That guy was a machine.

Comments (2)

Avakian would never have a shot at governor. He's lucky enough to have his current gig.

I can't see anyone beating Wheeler--certainly not anyone in that crew, and nobody else comes to mind either.

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