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Friday, November 16, 2012

Arrogant planners -- no, wait, that's redundant

There's a new economic development plan floating around for our nation's capital city, and it's prompted one comment that apparently could be about Anywhere, USA:

Dorothy, below, writes about the mayor's five-year economic development strategy, which was written largely without the input of District residents. This follows the usual pattern of government planning — zoning revisions, libraries, school closings, etc. — in which residents of DC neighborhoods are an afterthought, brought in at the last minute after the plans have already been developed. Residents are then presented with the finished plans at highly structured public meetings, at which the government officials present them and residents are given a few minutes to consider them, after which their comments are barely tolerated. After all, the experts have already met and made their recommendations; why should the government officials have to waste their time listening to the uninformed opinions of NIMBY naysayers, who just don’t want their neighborhoods improved by the experts, developers, and officials who already know what’s best for them? After all, the residents are nothing but complainers, and their opinions of what happens in their neighborhoods have no weight except that they happen to live there and pay taxes there. If they don't like what has been planned for them, they're standing in the way of progress and the future, and they should just move elsewhere.

Uncanny parallels to Portland, that's for sure. Talk to the hand.

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This is why the Clackamas County rebellion is so important.

The embattled communities who have been facing down & rejecting the planning racket now have a county commission majority and city council majorities to side with the public and lead a major change.

There is s new saying circulating that fits so very well.
It came from Lake Oswego City Councilor Mary Olson after LO voted for a new 5-2 majority and the county commission was turned with Ludlow and Tootie beating Lehan and Damon.

"It's a new day, honey".

Until this recent election Lake Oswego & the County were being run by Sam Rands mimicking all things Portland.

If anyone is still confused about what the unwanted "Portland Creep" is there is no better place to get a big dose of it than right here at bojack.org.

The last few weeks here alone have presented an impressively ugly picture of how extensive and repulsive it is.

The lousy journalists who are either so biased or slow to "get it" should make bojack their daily does of reality.

You get what you vote for.

It sounds just like Sammyboy and all his cronies on the planning commission shoving the socialistic implications of The Portland Plan up the rears of Portlanders. Way too many of the common sense reality check visions from the so-called public process were never addressed or included.

Sam -- Exactly! That's why it's a new day in L.O.

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