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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Arm the campus cops at Portland State?

There's a lot of sexual assault being reported in the vicinity of the PSU Patronage Center these days, and the talk has turned to equipping the security guards down there with guns. Hard to see how that's going to make a difference in the rape statistics. Meanwhile, in Blugene, the UC Nike campus cops already have their Glocks. Don't let those library fines get out of hands, kids.

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The key question is how many of those reported sexual assaults would have been prevented had campus police been armed? The number of reported assaults really tells you nothing, particularly when you consider that most sexual assaults on campus are (a) committed by someone known to the victim, and (b) reported several days (if not weeks, or months) after the alleged assault.

I have no problem with Campus Cops, qualified students & faculty being armed.

But in general, I've become a little cynical of some crime reports since so often many later turn out to be less than the whole truth.

How about the possibility of the students being able to protect themselves by being armed. Of course in Oregon if you hold a CHL then you can be armed, but now as a student, you can get in trouble with the school by being armed.

The solution is to have CCH license training classes available on campus for all students who want to take them, and allow students to carry.

Indeed, the OSSHE sysem and PSU may not be able to preclude a studen from carrying wih a CCH license.he sudens

If you feel you are in danger, then get a CHL and carry concealed. Nobody will know you are carrying, since you have it concealed.

If you have to use your weapon (which 99.99999% of the time, you won't have to use it) you can deal with the consequences of your disobeying the University policies (but not the law) while you still have the rest of your life to enjoy.

An interesting counterpoint to Harbaugh's reveal of UO buying Glocks is this article in today's Register-Guard. It claims that the campus cops couldn't jail a guy caught with stolen bike parts, bolt cutters, marijuana, and heroin... because they're the only campus security force in the PAC12 that don't carry guns.


That article shades the truth a bit. OSU's public safety officers are unarmed also. OSU contracts with Oregon State Police for police services. UO did the same with Eugene Police Department until UO ended the contract and then complained about inadequate policing.

I am sure someone here knows better than I what the law is, but I seem to recall a court finding where it was reasonable for security (or any citizen making a citizen's arrest) to detain a person for up to six hours. Stores routinely keep shoplifters in a backroom for hours if the police are too busy to send a car by to pick up arrested nonviolent offenders. Portland police may wait a bit to provide taxi service for shoplifters wise enough not to fight with security.

Besides that crimes always involve a victim and a criminal who know each other, also gunshot victims are either close friends or virtually-if-not-veritably next of kin with the gunshooter always.
Well, not always always, but 99 times out of 100. Or is there arguing split-hairs whether it's 90 or 91 or 92 or 99 out of a hundred? Let's just say if you know someone with a gun in your presence you are likely to get shot and if you hang out with folks who have no gun then you will never ever ever get shot, nor any of your friends and family.
The other possibility is it's you holding a gun hanging out with friends (until they find out what you're concealing from them), while you're waiting for your hero audition if random mayhem comes along, and you might be waiting to the limits of ADD to the end of patience! your ass!, you're gonna shoot somebody ... of your acquaintance.

Life has no 'stranger danger.' It's people you spend time with who cost you your life.

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