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Friday, November 23, 2012

And your bird can sing

Interesting twist in the Portland parking meter bribe scandal: Ellis McCoy, the convicted bribe-taker, has had his sentencing postponed from this coming Monday to an unspecified future date. Perhaps his memory about other city officials is improving? Let's hope so.

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"There's a kind of hush all over town tonight
let's hope it's the sound of politicians lawyering up."

Dunno why I want to see the worst, but I'd LOVE to see a cascade of indictments from this. Local hacks rolling over on their buddies in a round robin circus of fun.

Any truth to the story that Ellis McCoy has been provided with a public defender? Do you not have to prove indigence first? So where did his money go?

"Indigence" is broadly defined. If a defendant can prove that he'd be made insolvent by the cost of paying for a privately retained lawyer, he'll often qualify. There is no sense in draining somebody's bank account just to force him to switch to a public defender at the end anyway, and there's no point in having restitution/fine money go into a lawyer's pocket. Retainers in these kinds of cases can easily hit six figures...

Maybe Sam's position at the PSU patronage center isn't all that certain after all....
I'm with JO; I hope this gets really interesting.

(And in the interest of justice, the federal government amply funds its public defense system.)

So he now has had the opportunity to hide his bribe proceeds AND his generous pay for his theft?

If he pleads guilty, will the judge force him to disclose an accounting of his funds since the crime? It rather seems like a bank robber being allowed to keep the stolen money.

I guess the only further insult to taxpayers would be if he collects a nice fat PERS pension while in prison.

Maybe the PSU patronage center will have to just open an annex in Sheridan Oregon.

I'm cool with him getting a PD no matter how much money he has. That way, in the end, all of his money will go to the government by way of fines and restitution.

Maybe no other lawyer would take him? Wait...that's silly. :-)

Go get'm Ellis. You teach them a lesson for setting up Ellis McCoy. Yes Ellis, all of them.

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