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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A way with words

Nobody -- but nobody -- does it like the Post:

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"Husband? Negative.

Children and a Labrador? Negative.

Tight little package? Affirmative."

So he was sexing up some lady...that lost him his job? What am I missing?

Does this somehow compromise him? Like the affair can be used to blackmail him?

Jo, I hope you were using some sarcasm, but maybe not.

Who cares what someone like the General does in their private life? Here’s the issue when this happens with a high profile public figure with an almost unlimited knowledge of the country’s secrets. It renders him vulnerable to blackmail, extortion, and coercion by those who may threaten to expose him for their own gain. It gives the love of his life special unchecked access to him and the information he keeps. The fact that she may be attractive does not insure she is on our side by the way. Not to mention that he is required to keep enough credibility to manage an entire organization and hold thousands of classified employees accountable for having honesty and integrity.

That said, the humorists are having a field day. You can't make this sh!t up.

Petraeus, cannot be nearly as intelligent as everyone thought.
What an idiot! Too bad his mind cannot be systematically cleansed of our most sensitive secrets, as his desk at the CIA is emptied.
I hope his wife makes his life miserable, gets his pension, and can find some peace for herself.

The solution of course is for the govt. to keep a supply of "fully vented" patriotic playthings for the enivitable.

For as Dr. Ruth used to say (somewhat cleaned up), "It's in a man's nature to pass his genetics around."

When do we learn about his affair with Sweatlana Sharkanova?

As it's developing, same old story. It's not the other woman who gets you in trouble. It's when the other, other woman shows up that it all comes crashing down.

So the FBI has been invetigating this for months and the Whitehouse only found out Wednesady am? Yeah right, there are No secrets in DC. How many news rooms knew about this and kept it quiet? Libya anyone?

The corruption and incompetence of this group of clowns is starting to make Slick Willy look like a boy scout. Sorry boy scouts that was cold and uncalled for.

(Sorry Tim, I just can't let it pass.)
Those fully vented playthings -- you mean the inflatable ones with the tire patch kit? BTW, the Japanese concept of Comfort Women didn't earn them any respect.

He's obviously impressed by her firm handshake in that photo.

Vented = Vetted?

Or have I been missing out on something good all these years?

I think it's naive to think the central issue in this debacle is sex.

Well now that it's out it can no longer be used against him. So what's the problem here? Maybe he's susceptible in the future?

Was anything actually breached or is this just more puritanical nonsense?

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