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Monday, November 26, 2012

A surprise end to the newscast

This final minute of a Maine television news show came out of the blue.

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I was hoping they'd say they were mad as hell and weren't going to take it anymore.

"... neither of the former anchors would go on record to detail how they were being pressured to slant the news, some bloggers have speculated that Fox affiliate WFVX had been moving to emulate conservative bias at Fox News."

Personal experience:
Earlier this year where I happened to be at an accident scene there was a Portland FOX TV-12 news van. I talked with the 'reporter' who is well-known on-air, and I asked if he had heard people's opinion like my thinking his TV station and employees are FOX fascist stooges. (His first reaction was not a dispute that FOX talk is fascist.)
He answered, "oh, we are not FOX, we are separate from that [fascist propaganda]." Behind him in plain view on the side of the van he drove was painted 'FOX 12 TV'.

He was clearly behaving as feeling mighty guilt pangs. His defensive reaction of raised forearms to ward off association with FOX TV 12 matched his hollow words "we are separate from that." LarsLarson does the same thing, saying falsely 'this station and my programming is not FOX' with deep guilt pangs wrenching his voice. Snippy.

FOX is a very diverse organization. FOX 12 is merely affiliated with the FOX Broadcasting Group and shows FOX Broadcasting programs.

FOX News is actually totally different. I believe that KPTV's news organization is actually affiliated with CNN rather than FOX News (in fact, so are KATU, KOIN and KGW). And KPTV itself is owned by Meredith and not owned by FOX. (KPTV was, for a very short period of time, owned by FOX, however FOX sold off KPTV very quickly.)

And if you look at the back of a 20th Century FOX DVD package there's even a little FOX "Sustainability" logo...hardly something you'd find from FOX News.

And if you watched FOX programming...it probably makes a lot of FOX News figureheads cringe. The Simpsons isn't exactly known for espousing conservative values, and in fact the program itself takes many pot-shots against FOX Broadcasting and FOX News.

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