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Friday, November 16, 2012

A penny returns

Peter Kohler, the former president of Oregon Health and Science University who took Portland taxpayers for a joy ride to nowhere on the SoWhat aerial tram [rim shot], continues to roll up the professional honors. Now he's been put on the Pacific University board of trustees. No doubt he'll chuckle as he flies into Portlandia to hang out with his Goldschmidt Network chums a few times a year.

Kohler's day job these days is as vice chancellor of a medical school in Arkansas. Guess he moved there to be closer to all those much-heralded biotech jobs that he delivered -- to Florida.

Comments (2)

That should read:

"Peter Kohler, the 6th highest paid PERS retiree, who gets more than $243,000 a year in PERS payments."

You forgot that he was the designated Chairman of the Board of the company, to be funded by Texas Pacific Group, to buy PGE.

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