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Friday, November 2, 2012

A big, slimy fish getting fried

They've charged the former president of Penn State University with eight counts of perjury, obstruction of justice, and endangering the welfare of children in connection with the child sex abuse scandal that has engulfed that school's out-of-control football program. It's gratifying to see a big-shot CEO type go down with the perv that he and his cronies hid. The sex abusers are twisted, sick people with horrible impulses that they can't control; the cover-up artists are more worried about their own money. Who's more deserving of punishment?

E-mails referenced in Thursday's presentment suggest they understood at the time they were dealing with something more sinister.

In one, Spanier worried that the university might become "vulnerable" should Sandusky not be reported to police. It was agreed, however, not to do so.

The former university president told grand jurors in 2011 that he had never discussed whether the incident should be reported to child protection authorities.

Let's hope there's some jail time for all three suits charged. Maybe the Prez could get a cell with the bishop.

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One has to wonder...
If that were to happen here, would charges ever be filed, or would the perp be offered a position at the PSU Patronage Center?

On a smaller scale...but didn't it happen here?
Underage male in the city hall bathroom with our mayor?
Oh that! I guess that incident doesn't count.

My point exactly.

Spanier was appointed provost & v-p of academic affairs my last year at OSU. I remember not liking him but can't recall specifics. He seemed slick. I guess slick turned to slime or maybe always was. It seemed obvious that OSU was only a stepping stone for him.

Found this little journal article he did from his academic days and field of study:


'It' happened here (one may choose to argue) but on a smaller scale -- yeah, like 1 year (or was it 4 years) here and in the now of Adams, quite different when compared with Penn State and the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which, after all this time, is yet not a 'State' and remains a colony of the British Crown; ditto Virginia and Massachusetts and one other'n I forget), and somewhat contaminated in neighboring States of Ohio, Maryland and W.Virginia, where the pedophilia festing and cover-up, (speak no evil seen and heard), is carrying on over 30 years. And includes in 'it' complicity of at least two PA-elected USCongressmen and each of the last three PA Governors and in their offices (of staff personnel). So far, the involvement of PA Governors has not been mentioned.

The quick closed 'investigation' (of Sandusky contacts, and enablers) was rigged to limit the spread of exposure of the widespread contamination within the PA politician class. Now throwing the Penn president under the bus is another stopgap sacrifice trying to cut the losses of legitimacy from the PA politician class.

Ref. HERE: December 2, 2009 -- CIA's involvement in VIP pedo-sex procurement began in 1978

and HERE: November 14-15, 2011 -- Welcome to Prosti-vania

The Penn State football pedophilia scandal will not stop at the Penn State campus in State College but will have ramifications throughout Pennsylvania. The Penn State scandal already involves the current Republican Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, and his two predecessors, Democrat Ed Rendell and Republican Tom Ridge.

Corbett is guilty of the same ethical and possibly criminal violations that plague ousted Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. Like Paterno, who was more concerned about his near-godly status as Penn State's football coach for over 40 years than in the plight of molested children, Corbett, as Pennsylvania Attorney General since 2004, sat on issuing indictments in the Penn State and The Second Mile foundation pedophile case until after he was elected governor in 2010.

Corbett had a chance to act quickly when the case of child molestation involving Paterno's former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky came to his attention in 2009. Although Corbett convened a grand jury to examine evidence in the pedophilia scandal, ... Corbett postponed action against Sandusky and perhaps others until after his election and the scandal had another two years to metastasize ....

TV reporters get terminated if they were to report readily available public-records information which would cause retaliation of (guilt-shown) politicians and businesses to boycott paying for advertising on the TV (station or network).

Reading a headline about a big fish?
We need to see that little fish here doesn't get reelected,
or recalled if he continues on his path.

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