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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Willy Week endorses Buehler, Nurse Amanda, Baldwin

They got those right. But Portland will never forgive them for assassinating Eileen Brady and thereby crowning Char-Lie. Never.

They're no on the arts tax, yes on the school construction pork tax, and -- you guessed it -- yes on legalizing pot. They're very big on the pot. The West Hills establishment, in a pot wrapper.

The whole pack of endorsements is here.

With so many news outlets against her, and her opponent all over the TV in the evenings, Kate Brown has got to be feeling at least a little nervous, don'tcha think?

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But if voters think Smith’s Oct. 1 visit to the woman’s house hours before he held a press conference to answer questions about the assault was anything other than an attempt to shut her up, they deserve to have him as their next mayor.

Finally, WW cuts through the Portland Polite and just says this. Even the president of the police union said Jefferson was just trying to "make things right" by going to her door. Oh sure.

We're never going to get anywhere if we're stuck on Portland Polite.

Portland Polite is in my opinion what stood in the way of recalling Adams.

We may not have only Portland Polite here but Portland Retreating.
These could be citizens left out and/or those who do not care anymore to engage knowing the pattern of control here, and for whatever reason, may be extracting themselves from even dealing with the mess here or actually planning to leave.
I know from experience the negativity one must stand up to
if wanting to make positive change.

Interesting switch from Nolan to Fritz. I suspect that even the WW is getting sick of an entrenched political class that seeks only to suck on the public tit - even if that tit is rather dry and saggy these days.

It looks like initiative to legalize marijuana in Washington is going to pass. (While the measure in Oregon will likely fail).

It will be interesting to see what affect this will have on the two states, if any? I really don't know. I find it fascinating that the folks in Portland will able to just run across the river for their weed. I suspect there will be many more dispensaries on the southern border of Washington than anywhere else in the state.

Hmmmmm. ..so is the WA pot subject to sales tax and do I get an exemption if I show an Oregon DL? Probably not, since it would be consumable in WA, sort of like a hamburger bought there. Man, now I'm hungry.

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