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Monday, October 8, 2012

Who says Portland doesn't want single-family houses?

City Hall will be delighted with these.

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Pride goes before the fall.

City Hall ain't gonna go for the three acres, though. They don't want residents to "own" any land at all.

8' x 20'?
How about single-wide up on jacks hidden under skirting?
Sounds like trailer park life.

They sell those at Home Depot & Lowes - you can see them in the parking lot.


It must be amazing to less privileged cultures around the world to watch us voluntarily reduce our standard of living that they strive to attain. Is cultural suicide the ultimate expression of "white guilt"?

...and their home office is at the local coffee shop.

It's not being done voluntarily for most of us Grumpy.

I noted that the people in the story are able to live with less because
they have more. . . . . . more land for one.
That would never do around here.
As Mr. Grumpy said,
They don't want residents to "own" any land at all.

So it seems. The more units they can fit in is the plan.
Seems the more they can control then is the plan.
It wouldn't surprise me that some neighborhoods would be declared
"blight" in order to escalate more redo, infill density and control.

Live simply so others may simply live

This is nauseating and the county has no business adopting any of it.

and this is stunning when looking at the membership.



Look at the mission creep


Why on earth is our local government taking on all of these many tasks?
There is no way these are justified or affordable.

Fire some bureaucrats quick before we drown in the mission creep tsunami.

I didn't say that, PDXLifer did.

Yeah, but I can be Grumpy, too.

I've said it before... the Portland area has been selected as a location to build a "settlement" for people who think a certain way. We're a magnet now. Rajneeshpuram redux on a gigantic scale.

That crackerbox of a "home" is little different than the homebuilt "tiny trailers" that usually reside in someone's back yard - because they fail to meet construction standards for conentional trailer parks. A couple of those jokes reside in backyards in WA state.
As someone that lived aboard one of the last US diesel/electric submarines; I've probably forgotten more about "compact living" than either of the two goofballs in the story will ever know. They can keep their tiny craphole; and I'll continue to enjoy our 2900 square foot ranch house and our three car garage.

Amen Dave A!
I "lived" in my VW camper for a year in Europe. I was 26!
I sailed on a small sail boat for nearly 3 years in the South Pacifuc, and lived aboard for another year while we built a 2500 sq ft house.
I enjoyed my adventures but I never aspired to have that youthful experience become a life long goal.
Tiny housed people still use water and sewer services, still do laundry, still cook meals, and probably have some source of heat. A well designed and built larger home probably doesn't use that much more of any of those things.
I'll take comfort thanks.

Dave A. gives me an idea. Instead of scrapping the USS Ranger and other retired aircraft carriers turn them into the next Portland housing project. Surely minimalists will love to live in a space that's the size of a coffin, with communal bathing, toilet and dining facilities. Plus the flight deck makes for an excellent "greenspace" for raised garden beds, solar panels, and a running track.

Plus its the ultimate in recycling; and its reusing military assets for "higher and better" peacetime uses! And there's plenty of room to park them along Hayden Island (so that it can't be used for a container port), Swan Island, Terminals 1 and 2, downtown Vancouver......

Oops should be Pacific!

There's also the teeny little fact that they live in Virginia. Wonder what the annual average rainfall is there?

Erik - the aircraft carrier thing is a great idea - but since too few developers and city planners would be involved in the deal it won't happen.

I didn't say that, PDXLifer did.

I'm Sorry Mr. Grumpy and PDXLifer.

Michelle's question intrigued me.
Floyd VA appears to be about 20 miles from Blacksburg VA (the nearest town of any consequence). Blacksburg actually gets about 15% MORE rain than we get here in PDX (VA= 42.6", PDX=36"). Although their precip falls in about 15% fewer days per year (VA= 124 precip days/yr, PDX= 154 precip days/yr).
Yup, I was surprised too...
cheers, It's Mike

(add to above)
Should have read:
As Mr. PDXLifer said,
They don't want residents to "own" any land at all.


No, just kidding. You are correct, sir!

I better stay away this evening, can't get the names straight.

Last winter they hung around the fire pit out back to fend off cabin fever. Like, burning wood outside is so environmentally friendly and has such a low CO2 footprint, not.

In any event, last winter was the winter that was not in Virginia. Wait until they have to deal with actual polar jet streams arcing down the Blue Ridge and a couple of feet of snow. They'll be long gone from their metal shack.

Off topic... I'm not the only only one who sees the "SnorgTees" girl in the "meh" T-shirt off to the right, right? I mean, is that picture worth a visit to this blog or what?

Portland already has small houses. They're called Accessory Dwelling Units, and are built on lots with full-size houses. Also called mother-in-law units.

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