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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What somebody else said on your behalf

The oddball "Oregon's Kitchen Table" poll has wrapped up its surveying, at least for a while, and the final results are posted here. Given that this is coming from Portland State, and vaguely smells like Metro, reader discretion is advised. The bias is palpable.

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It sure smells like a Sam, CoP, Metro survey. On page 6 they didn't ask the obvious question:

How confident are you that this form of survey reaches a broad perspective of Oregonians?

1) Don't know
2) Not confident at all
3) Not very confident
4) Somewhat confident
5) Very confident

Notice that that the order of responses have the negative at the top. Survey results are even tainted by the order of responses. Upper responses are generally have higher percentages.

Does PSU teach a poli-sci course called "How to Influence Public Policy Through Polls and Surveys"?

One problem, none of the questions asked if I want to spent $0 on any of the above.

Mr. Grumpy- was that course a practicum?

PSU urban planning courses are designed as an indoctrination of students to support the propaganda that is in line with Portland’s high density, bicycling and costly transit with less cars - along with a decline in private sector jobs due to less cars - so-called smart growth policies.

What, Metro's "opt in" surveys aren't representative of the region's population? Who'd think?

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