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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What -- no Calvin Natt?

Portland city government is in the crapper -- has been for quite a while. For a couple of decades now, the City Council has decided that it is primarily interested in real estate development, especially cr-apartments, and everything else has been going to pot. One of the saddest reflections of this grim reality was cutting the hours of the police precincts, and even closing a couple of them. Once they started doing that, you knew the place was on the rocks.

Now, with no prior public discussion of which we're aware, the city says it's going to reopen the southeast precinct, at 47th and Burnside, for business. They're going to have a little party, and former Trail Blazer players Jerome Kersey and Bobby Gross are going to be there. That's pretty bizarre when you think about it, but okay, let's reopen the precinct.

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With the hundreds of additional cars parking on neighborhood streets around the infestations of giant boxy cr-apartments that don't have adequate parking, car-clouting burglars and car thieves will be crawling all over the eastside. The re-opening of the southeast precinct is for "The Binky Effect." Feels better already. Nitey-nite.

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