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Saturday, October 6, 2012

What could go wrong?

Tri-Met tickets are coming to your smart phone. Maybe.

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I love the ability to by the future. "you can store multiple tickets on your phone for future use" Add this to a clock app and the first ticket you buy can work for a lifetime.

Don't bother to buy one unless you see a fare inspector coming. Then, zap here is my ticket.

They need to order a bunch of teenie-tiny "OUT OF ORDER" signs.

Or TriMet will just hijack your credit card. It's an easy way to make up those pesky financial shortfalls.

If you get close to a Trimet line they will just bill you for your convenience

It's about dang time. No more futzing around with the ticket machines. Pretty sure the 11% Global Sherpa charges is far less than what the credit card companies take as their share. Anything that helps undermine that monopoly is good in my book.

Another use for Obama phone!

Using a streetcar ticket effectively has become a nightmare. I paid to take the streetcar from NW 23rd to 11th & Johnson in order to drop some things off at the PO. I thought I had plenty of time. Unfortunately, I and several other folks accidentally got on a suspiciously empty sreetcar bound for OMSI on 10th. It was late (according to the board, which is not specific about *which* streetcar is due next and only gives ETA). We all jumped off before it crossed the bridge and returned to 10th where we waited another 5 minutes for - surprise - ANOTHER nearly empty streetcar headed for OMSI via a different route. Another five minutes - and ticket time nearly gone and the 23rd Avenue streetcar finally arrived. It was packed and once again I got to stand. At no time during the packed trip in or the packed trip out did anybody check for tickets and I saw exactly one other person actually buy on outside or inside the streetcar.

And once again, I have to ask why they are assigning these streetcar routes two alpha letter labels that don't seem to stand for anything and are not helpful? Waiting to hear back from Portland Streetcar LLC about this . . .

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