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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wendy's child-stabbing molester gets 33 years

Why there is any possibility of this monster ever being allowed out of prison is truly beyond us. If life without the possibility of parole is not available and actually imposed in a case such as this, then something is seriously wrong.

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Why this monster was ever allowed out of prison the first time is a mystery!

Progressives who believe in offender rehabilitation and/or community supervision can solve your mystery.

Not wishing bad luck or harm to this person...but the shelf life for this type of offender is not favorable. Seems guys on the inside don't like having them in their midst either.

Yep, this freak is proof that everybody convicted of a serious crime should rot in jail forever and ever.

Ditto,ditto,ditto ditto

everybody convicted of a serious crime should rot in jail forever and ever.

The blood of that child is on idiots like you, pal.

Somebody I know had a family member victimized in a similarly horrific manner.

The prosecutor in the case was able to get a multi-decade sentence for the offender. When the parent asked why they couldn't get a life sentence, the prosecutor said the offender would be lucky to survive 10 years of their time. The molester had in fact gotten an extra-judicial death sentence.

I'm not advocating vigilante justice here, I'm just saying that some in prison have been on the receiving end of this type of abuse, and may lack compassion for the type of animal that would abuse a child.

I'm not saying I'm in favor of capital punishment, nor am I lusting for blood here, I'm just repeating an anecdote. This guy need never walk the streets again, nor do I believe any level of rehabilitation will straighten this guy out.

His last stint in prison didn't eliminate him from the population. And of course, condoning prison violence isn't an acceptable answer.

Reliance on the 'good deeds' of the prison population is poor substitute for real justice.

There are problems with the death penalty, such as major racial imbalance and enormous court costs. The costs are endemic to all judicial proceedings, it seems. Still, I favor the death penalty for pedophiles.

I've always believed there are reasons to murder another person. Not good ones, but I can sort of understand in a twisted way. I can never understand pedophiles. Yet murders get the death penalty or life in prison while pedos get lesser sentences.

Screw that. Pedophile crimes should outrank murder.

In this case, you have potentially lethal assault and attempted rape of a minor child, a complete stranger, at a fast food restaurant with a child's picture as the logo. And a record of the same type of offense. No parole for guys like this, period.

Absolutely, Jack!

If this had happened at a McDonalds, I betcha McDonalds would have been sued.

With respect, I disagree. I see no reason to waste tax dollars for the purpose of maintaining him alive.

Some individuals, as this one has amply demonstrated, are simply beyond any redemption that may arise from yoga or educational opportunities. The only humane option in such cases - for society and the individual - is to put him down.

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