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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well, well, well

Is that John Carter, former partner of Neil Goldschmidt, contributing $1,000 to Jamie Damon, Clackistani commission incumbent and key player in the rogue light rail bond deal? Why are we not surprised? Rebels, take note.

The PAC at the gas company, an absolute den of Goldschmidtery, also kicked her $500.

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I also noticed she is one of the 14 appointees to the state-wide committee to deal with the loss of federal timber revenues to the counties. I can see a rep from Josephine County - but Clackamas County? Would be curious to see how much money Clackamas Co. loses of the O & C revenues.

umpire, Clackamas Co received in 2011 $6.5 Million in O&C money after the fed safety net versus $900k without. Clackamas Co has 1/3 O&C land(52,00 acreas) as does Lane Co., and 1/5 as much as Douglas Co.

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