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Monday, October 15, 2012

Weighty matters

The Oregon voters' pamphlet got here the other day. The darn thing weighs in at 156 pages -- nine ounces. And on every page, vital information.

Ain't government grand?

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The fees for inclusion in the voters pamphlet are:

President & Vice President $3,500
US Senate $3,000
US Representative $2,500
State Senate or Representative $750
All others $600

Source: http://www.oregonvotes.org/doc/publications/VP_Process.pdf

This might be for the primary voters pamphlet, but the fees have not changed.

Well, heck, DO vote for Bob Sallinger if you're in MCSWCD Dist. 1 (And Eric Mader is a good guy, too, for Director, At Large 1 & best choice for that position) --

Walking away from the lies

Notable excerpt:

The pending pave-over of bald eagle habitat on West Hayden Island by the Port of Portland is obscene on several levels, but one of them is the fake public process that's being conducted around it by the "green" hypocrites in Portland City Hall. Yesterday [Bob Sallinger,] a representative of the Audubon Society quit the citizens' advisory board on the project, calling the public involvement aspect of the plan a "sham."

The citizens' committee was ambushed with detailed documents that its members weren't given adequate time to review before they were supposed to pass on them. It's so typical of the "planning" crowd, and Portland process in general. And so dishonest. We don't blame the Audubon guy for not letting them use his name any more.

Audubon representative calls West Hayden Island process a 'sham,' quits before report publicly released

Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 568 — Soil and Water Conservation; Water Quality Management

I love the voters' pamphlet. I love to see who's arguing for and against various measures. I love to see who'll spend $500 of their own cash to buy a statement in them.

In small races, the competing candidates' own pictures and submissions can be almost all most voters have to go on. And there is always a doozy or three.

Totally agree with Mojo--Bob Sallinger is great.

Beg to differ on Bob Sallinger.

He is promoting coyotes in our neighborhoods, even as they eat up family pets. Often these pets represent costs over $1000 in routine care over the years, in addition to the strong emotional ties.


Hey Bob is just trying to keep the killer cats from taking over the world:


I'm surprised the Voter's Pamphlet is permitted in Portland, given the number of trees required to be cut down and chemicals formed (ink).

Is there a mandatory fee or tax? Can you only recycle it a certain way? What about the poor people and the homeless that don't have a mailbox? Think of the carbon emissions by all the mail trucks that have to drive around town to deliver these...then more mail trucks to deliver the ballots...then more mail trucks to pick up the ballots...and then more mail trucks to deliver the election porn. It should all be smartphone voting! (Also available for Apple iPad.)

The photo of Sallinger looks like a mug shot.

John: The fees for Measure 26-144 are $400. The people in support-all 15 of them--were paid by Portlanders for Schools with one exception.
That's $6000 by a group that has all sorts of financial support--they even paid for a night of bowling.
There are four arguments in opposition. One argument by Restore Education Before Buildings...restoreeducationbeforebuildings.com

Sally: I paid my $400 in opposition to Measure 26-144 out of my own pocket as we need to have radical changes at PPS,the proposed construction budgets are twice what they should be and am a believer in taking action in whatever small way one can.

For some reason, every time I see Sallinger, "Helter-Skelter" comes to mind.

Those were good days for you then, eh Max? Sheesh.

Fine lookin' buncha candidates you got there. Likely be a shame if'n any of 'em get elected.

Teresa: my bonnet is off to you.

You must be registered by October 16th to vote in the 2012 General Election.
For more information:
1 866 673-8683

Can't we just do an opt-in for this and the phone books and the comm college catalogs? If you want it tell them so, otherwise, don't waste the paper.

All of this stuff is on the Internet now.

My wife and I got our ballots yesterday and completed them in less than 20 minutes. The only questions open for debate related to legalizing pot and gay marriage.

The Washington Ballot had some very inartfully written questions on legislation that had already been passed, called "Advisory" votes by the people. Not only is it an exercise in futility, but I had to read the question three times, then refer to the pro/con arguments to know what a yes vote means.

Surprising how many races weren't just Democrats and Independents: Republicans are still in the mix up North.

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