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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vestas layoffs get Presidential campaign spotlight

Romney and his party are portrayed on the tube as a big part of the problem for the wind energy industry.

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Wind is not as bad as solar pv, but if you have to subsidize it long term then that is not sustainable. And shutting down wind generation when the Columbia is running fast is not ideal. PTC is fine for the beneficiaries, but who gets the shaft? Kinda like urban renewal in Portland.

Who knew Romney was so influential in the Senate! Even more so than President Obama?

"The first 20 years of subsidies was just the beginning, the next 20 years will help us reach critical mass," says every business looking for a handout.

Has "Romney did it!" replaced "BUSH!!!11!!! Did IT, and I Hate Him So!"?

These wind farm PTCs are a gift to the Chinese and to wealthy wind farm investors who acheive insane returns that approach 20% annually. Without the PTC, these returns would be 2% annually. Maybe.

The Chinese are subsidizing production of their turbines and dumping them worldwide, the consumption of which is stimulated by the PTC.

Green energy, sure. But who's winning because of it?

Green energy, sure. But who's winning because of it?

When the Chinese subsidize the production of wind turbines, American consumers (and others who import them) win. When we subsidize the production of wind energy, it is American taxpayers (and possibly ratepayers) who will get the shaft. We already know who benefits.

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