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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vestas closes offices in three cities around country

Houston; Marlborough, Mass.; and Louisville, Colo. Is Portland next?

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I've no doubt our wise and vain "representatives" in City Hall have promised to keep this one open at any cost if for no other reason than appearances.

As long as Mark Edlen's getting premium rent, City Hall will be happy.

You need to realize that keeping Mark Edlen happy means a better and happier Portland. Mark Edlen's needs are Homer's and are Portland's needs. Soon they'll be Charlie's needs.

Screw the schools and potholes.

Isn't Houston where all their R&D staff is located?

Maybe they can spend their free time and leftover materiel solarizing all of the food carts, so their extension cords stop getting stolen by local tweakers.

That'll get us through the dark winter nights...

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