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Friday, October 5, 2012

Uh oh

We hear there's a tree down and a resulting power outage on Barbur Boulevard near Terwilliger. On a Friday afternoon? Holy cow, that's a recipe for gridlock.

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Aha! So that's what caused the power blip here. Didn't lose it, just a hiccup.

And a grass fire on Hayden Island.

That's kinda in my neck of the woods.

And I'm waiting for 40 days of non stop mid-December rains to slide all that new I-5 work (near Iowa) downhill about 60 feet or so. NOW THAT'S going to be a traffic jam!

Just came through the Terwilliger exit south bound I-5. Blinking red at all lights by Freddies and at Terwilliger, Barbur closed north bound. Quite the traffic jam!!

drought weakening?

Just asked because I think I saw something about dryness affecting elms here.

I had to be in downtown Portland today. Heard about the tree down on Barbur and the failed expansion joint on I-5 North and knew it was going to be a rough commute back to Salmon Creek.

Normally, I would take Barbur to I-5 South to I-205 North (the Great Circle route to Vantucky), but decided to snake my way from the Swan Island exit, thru NoPo to Lombard, then across to PDX and hop on I-205 from there. 45 minutes instead of the 80 minutes that GPS had predicted. And thousands of others just like me will be driving thru your avenues and neighborhoods until Portland fixes the bottleneck that is the I-84/I-5 split and continues all the way to the middle of the CRC.

The Interstate Bridge isn't the problem: it's the 7 miles south of the CRC that is the bottleneck. Not to mention the fact that it gets more difficult each year just to get out of SW Portland.

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