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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tweet at your own risk

It will get you cut from the Washington State football team.

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Supported by former U Of O athletic director Bill Moos now WSU athletic director

This will surely turn their 2-5 season around!

Wow, Wazuu must have money to burn.

A state operated school is going to bar a student from using a publically available communications mode. Bar all "speach" regardless of content? Not a even an arguable limitation premised on "time, place, manner"?


Major first amendment issue there.

Then again, neither Leach nor Moos are noted as great scholars.

They might want to drive up to Spokane and ask a few folks at Gonzaga Law School about this silliness.

It's not a condition of being a student, Nonny; it's a condition of being a football player.

Sally -

So what.

They can't do it.

Whether its as a "student" or as a "football player".

Can't bar all speach regardless of content.

Prior restraint is unlawful and a constitutional violation. with certain narrow exceptions regarding time. place, or manner.

Bar 'em from posting about football team?

Maybe OK.

But these clowns, according to the story, purport to bar the kids from any postings, regardless of context, with being tossed off the team and losing scholarships as the consequence.

Opine again after you've spent 20+ years doing con law.

Like I said, Wazuu must have money to burn.

Well, Nonny, I guess we'll see what happens. Personally I don't care much more for (or about) college athletic departments that for twitter.

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