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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Train wreck footage

Here's a sit-down interview between KATU and Mr. & Mrs. Nutsy Smith last night (brief commercial first):

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Makes you wonder what else Weiner has up his sleeve - it was too early to release the assault charge info if that was all Weiner had.

I assume that the assault charge is just the appetizer...

Over and over, Jefferson Smith himself gives the most compelling reason not to vote for him:

Jefferson Smith is the world's unluckiest man.

He's a living Ziggy, only taller, with more hair, and violent streak. Other than that, he's just like Ziggy.

Jefferson should have stood up and shown how easy it is to "flip a couch."

Anna Canzano may be the lightest weight reporter in Portland broadcast media. She blew this interview; she blew the SoloPower finance story last week.

Jefferson should have stood up and shown how easy it is to "flip a couch."

Garage Wine, 2012 Winner for Comment of the Year.

"....don't know if it was my front knuckle or whatever..."

Sounds like a punch to me....

See, that's what's wrong with Jefferson's generation of college kids. When we were that age, we were out in the streets protesting Vietnam and flipping over cars. His generation was at a party flipping over sofas.

He says he got in fights in grammar school. He told the Trib he got in fights in bars when he was in college. We know he's gotten in at least two fights recently in amateur sports. He drives like a madman. He's on meds for God knows what. The man is dangerous.

I saw this last night. It was very awkward and hard to watch. At least Sam Adams can look straight into the camera and bullsh*t. The whole thing with his wife just added another layer of creepiness.

I don't think enough was made of that "Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle."

I just assumed that meant an ambulance was coming and he didn't get out of the way. Somebody has since told me that, no, that means a cop tried to pull him over and he kept going.

I still don't know for sure, but could that have been it? Our shining mayoral candidate in a police chase?

Q: Why do women love Jefferson Smith?

A: sǝɥɔʇıʇs uı ɯǝɥʇ sǝʌɐǝl ǝɥ ǝsnɐɔǝq

Urgent Health Advisory from OHSU. Effective Immediately:

It's come to our attention that some Portlanders have been letting Jefferson Smith into their homes for fund-raising events, and other neighborhood meetings. We are strongly advising that anyone who opens their home to him in this way, take the following precaution:

1. Contact a licensed home improvement specialist and have your sofa bolted to the ground. Thank you.

1. Contact a licensed home improvement specialist and have your sofa bolted to the ground. Thank you.

I don't know where you live but, around here, most sofas are indoors. You know, in buildings, with floors :)

Just another example of OHSU getting it wrong.

Think how much fun City Council meetings will be if Nutsy gets elected - can you imagine him punching out Saltman or Fish? He'd probably avoid punching Novick - that hook c.ould do some serious damage. Too bad Randy will be gone by then

New Jefferson Smith t-shirts are out ...

Except to gawk at the human train wreck that is Jefferson Smith, is there any reason to pay attention to his campaign anymore? He's toast, righ? Or does he still have a puncher's chance?

I *want* to like Jefferson Smith. I've met the guy a couple times, and once spoke with him 1 on 1 for over an hour. He's bright, engaging, articulate, and interesting. He's got charisma, and his ability to motivate young voters matters a lot. But this incident worries me. If the event went just as he said, it should have been over by now, because that sounds like something stupid that happened at a college party where most people were drunk, and, frankly, sounds like something that happened to a lot of people.

I never got into any drunken trouble in college, but there were a few "there but for the grace of God go I" moments, to be sure. Some people get caught on the wrong side of those moments, from time to time.

But, this story is still going. Why? It feels like it has legs. It feels like there is another shoe to drop. We still haven't heard from the victim, for starters. If the events transpired exactly as he said, this story would be over and done and just an "oh, college students" moment. But the enduring drift of this story to parts unknown, I think, tells us that things didn't go precisely as he's saying. And that's troubling.

If this is the first thing that's worried you about Jefferson Smith, you haven't been paying attention.

Punching a girl in the face is getting "caught on the wrong side of the moment"?!? Wow. I've tended bar for 30 years and been to countless drunken debacles - from biker rallies to house parties and everything in between and have never seen a 6'4" dude even scuffle with a tiny girl, let alone to the point of her needing medical treatment. WTF?

Punching a girl in the face is getting "caught on the wrong side of the moment"?!?

Not exactly what I was trying to say, and I don't think anyone is saying that he full on punched her in the face.

Lots of people are saying he full on punched her in the face. That's why she had to go to the hospital to get stitched up.

Oh right. He "bopped" her in the face.

Just wondering: If we elect him and he gets himself arrested and convicted, do we get a new election with fresh candidates?

The host is sitting on a wingbacked chair.

Smart: protecting her flanks.

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