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Sunday, October 21, 2012

This week's watched 'dogs

The players in our charity pro football underdog game are cur-rent with their latest selections. They're calling these mongrels to win their gridiron contests outright today:

10.5 NEW YORK JETS at New England - Bob, Bayou Baby, Dr. D, Annie, Ted, genop, MickeyMacNYC
7.5 SEATTLE at San Francisco (Thursday, did not prevail) - NoPoGuy, Lucas, Michael K., Usual Kevin, Gordon, genop's gal, Sola, Bad Brad, Drewbob
6.5 WASHINGTON at New York Giants - Pdxmick, Paul, Pete Rose, Ricardo, Will, Tinknocker, Broadway Joe, DB Cooper, Cinderella Story
6 BALTIMORE at Houston - JMH, Tung, Coastal Storm, Grizfan, John Ch.
6 ARIZONA at Minnesota - Gary, PDXileinOmaha, Biggest Cubs Loser, Rudie, John Cr.
5 ST. LOUIS vs. Green Bay - Pete Rozelle, George, Carol, Eric W.
5 DETROIT at Chicago (Monday) - Jeremy
3 TENNESSEE at Buffalo - Juicen
3 CLEVELAND at Indianapolis - Dave A.

Please note: By our custom, these are the picks as of earlier this morning, several hours before the deadline. (This post is being triggered by a robot.) If additional picks have come in (or changes have been made) after this post was written but before the deadline, they will be added to this post as soon as we can get to it later today.

Have a peaceful Sunday and enjoy the games, everyone!

UPDATE, 1:43 p.m.: Timely morning picks by DB Cooper, Cinderella Story, Eric W., and MickeyMac added. Tennessee prevails for Juicen; all the other first-game 'dogs fail.

UPDATE, 5:22 p.m.: No winners in the second games.

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"Fisher is one of the smartest coaches in the NFL...." -- Mojo


GB10, SL3 (10:32, 2nd Q) - 4th&2 @GB14, S.Bradford pass incomplete short left to B.Gibson (D.House).

Fisher could easily end up wishing he had those 3 pts that he didn't chip for early in the game. Currently it's 20-13, Packers. 3:55 left in the 4th Q, GB driving. A Packers' FG now will put the game away. You only get one "Music City Miracle" in life, Jeff. Where are those replacement refs when you really need 'em, huh?

Coup de grĂ¢ce: Randall Cobb catches a 39 yard pass from Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby kick is good). 27-13, Green Bay.

Damn you, Eli Manning!

OT - Jets vs Pats

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