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Friday, October 19, 2012

The solution to everything

Nurse Amanda has a fix for the City of Portland's budget problems: more bureaucracy. What a waste. All that's needed is not to have a jerk in charge of the finance office. We're getting rid of the one we have now; let's hope (against hope) that the next one is better.

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I was at the City Club debate between Fritz and Nolan. Neither a very inspiring. Nurse Amanda is hung up on this whole "equity" thing and Nolan is hung up on herself. Between the choice for mayor and the choice for commissioner, Portland can expect more of the same for the next four years.

Does the streetcar stop at the bankruptcy court?

You like Amanda, Jack. I say vote against the incumbent just for principle.

Believe me, I don't like Amanda. But Nolan would be much, much worse. Please don't vote for her. Write in your dog if you have to.

Amanda, please don't create another bureaucracy.

Your Equity Bureau was already covered by three different City bureaucracies that addressed the somewhat trumped up equity issue. The County also has Equity bureaus and Initiatives.

Now you want to create another bureau already covered by Office of Management & Finance costing use half a $Billion per year. Fine tune and enforce the policies, statutes we have on the books. That's all it takes.

I thought you were the financial eyes for the Council. It's a oxymoron that you want to add costs to the taxpayers when we already have OMF that is suppose to oversee city budgets and performance and control costs. I'm totally confused about your proposal and what you stand for; and it's not a good political move.

Why require a government bureau do it's job when you can just create a new one to do that same task ?

I'll vote for Amanda, while clenching my fists in disgust. Nolan is an absolute horror, while Fritz is merely a clueless horror.

If I have to hear her "I too am an immigrant" speech one more time, I may change my mind and cast a write-in vote for Cesar Chavez Blvd. When you come here in a Pan Am first-class seat, with nineteen suitcases full of books, which "you still have not had time to unpack," please do not expect a room full of people who have immigrated as refugees to take very kindly to your speech. And yes, I find it sad that you must be told this, and that you are the only option for which to vote in your particular commissioner seat, but Portland is a sad little town when it comes to people aspiring to political office. In fact, I won't just be holding my nose when I vote for you, Commissioner Fritz: in order to pull that operation off, I will also need to hold at least nine other orifices. Voting as a choice between horrifying outcomes is the Portland way, however, so there it is (please cut out the immigrant shite, though).

On a day when Sen. McGovern has been assigned to hospice care at age 90, one should not even mention the name of one of the toilet logs running for local office, but that is what we get for living in Tacoma south.

Portland officials like to create bureaus so that they can bring more fellow associates on board the gravy train.

Does the streetcar stop at the bankruptcy court?

No, but MAX does.

Ironically it's the third stop on the Transit Mall - the first two stops being PSU stops.

Jersey endorses overturning citizens united


Actually, truly independent budget staff with authority to budget only basic services, could probably cut 100 million dollars of fluff, scams and developer feedbag expenditures.

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