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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The liberal case against the Portland head tax

Willy Week gets to it today, after some hemming and hawing:

Emily Nazarov, Portland organizer of Stand for Children, says her group has not yet taken a position on the measure, but its members are taking a skeptical view.

"We have some serious concerns whether the measure will deliver on its promise of music and art teachers in every school," Nazarov says. "The proposed tax imposes a financial burden on schools. And the tax is poorly structured and hits low-income working families hardest."...

The measure creates permanent taxpayer funding for local arts groups, including the city’s wealthiest. Nearly $4 million a year would go to groups such as the Oregon Symphony, the Portland Art Museum and the Portland Opera—organizations that sell high-priced tickets, rely on private donors and already enjoy large endowments.

Not to mention it's unconstitutional. The "no" vote on this one needs to be loud.

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We have to pass it and fund the account with deficit spending in order to see who will benefit!(sarcasm)

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