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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Hillsboro huh?

The new minor league baseball team on the west side of Portland is going to be named after a vegetable:

Shades of the Stanford tree!

Our grandfather, who used to refer to any person he didn't like as a "hop in the a*s," would surely be amused.

Comments (29)

Vegetable? I thought it was a verb.

Let's go to the Hops
Let's go to the Hops
Aaaaah aaaah
Let's go to the Hops

Where is the bunny in the logo?

Looks like an evil, unripe strawberry.

I'm sure they paid a design firm thousands of dollars to scrape up this dreck. I'm beginning to have almost no faith in the decision making process around Oregon Government

The color is right and I like the logo. So, although I may stand in the minority let me be the first to order a hat. Here's to hoping the team representative (note that I didn't say mascot) is a babe with a beer in her hand.

What a stupid name.

no faith in the decision making process around Oregon Government

The decision was by the team, not the city -- right?

Carol wins with the truth

Idiots. There's an "e" after the "p" in the word "Hopes". Can't they even use a basic spell-checker?

Seriously, how bad were the second and third choices if Hops won? And if they were going to choose a food item, it should have been: HillsBurritoes! Not PC, but at least it has been the city nickname for years.

It's a vegetable whose most prominent use is as as ingredient of beer -- a good choice for a baseball team.

Hillsboro Mazzioti's would have been my choice.

PomMom, you mean "Boroitoes"?

I googled "Hillsboro Hops" and sent emails to the "Hopsters" expressing my informed view of their name choice.

The Hillsboro Haggs would have been better.

Or The Hillsboro Hills?

Hillsboro Hangers

Hillsboro Ballers

Hillsboro Burros

Hillsboro Silicones

I kinda' like it -- And I'm a negative ol' curmudgeon. It's just a ball club! If you wanna' bash the so-called design professionals, get the folks who made the new logo for Xerox. And AT&T..., er excuse me, at&t. THEY are the clowns who command seven figures for their "talents." (Angry strawberry, heh heh heh)

The mascot reminds me of Oscar from Sesame Street.

I thought all of the hops are grown in the Woodburn/Mt. Angel area. Hillsboro Fabs? Hillsboro H1-Bs? Hillsboro Pentiums?

I like it. Baseball and beer, beer and the Pacific Northwest. I feel like Pyramid/MacTarnahan's, Bridgeport, Weinhard's, Widmer and Mcmenamin's should all want to be there. Maybe Deschutes and Rogue too.

An Intel name would've fit, but I say let them pay to put their name around the stadium.

I have no doubt there will be radio/TV ads with "Lets go to the Hops (oh baby)."

PS the city of Hillsboro's new nickname is "The Hills'"

Why not Hillsboro (silicon) Chips?

Hillsboro Commuters!

I like it! Nice logo too.

The "Fighting Artichokes" did it first! Chose a vegetable as their mascot, that is.


From the looks of the mascot, it must be a sour beer...

Now I need a beer to go with my hamburger. ..but folks, these aren't vegetables in the same way that tomatoes aren't vegetables.


Little good can come of this.
Are their fans going to be Hop-Heads?
Batboys and batgirls will be Little Hoppers.

Fans with a knowledge of Greek history and a taste for Miller might form a club and call themselves the Hoplites.

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