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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The guy behind the "Ludlow is a Bully" campaign

Here he is, according to media reports:

Somebody ought to demand that this guy pull his illegal lawn signs off public rights of way and private property that he has no connection with. He and the people who pick up his mantra make the target of his venom look pretty decent by comparison.

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Nothing says bully to me as much as someone who would so publicly post such scathing remarks about another. Internet use for this purpose is actually determined to be a bullying technique by almost any standard. I hope the object of his obsession is able to collect some compensation for all of this. It is intimidating to anyone from either party who ever considered running for local office, and should not be tolerated.

The subject matter is pretty much fair game. The technique is what I question. Something's not quite right.

Sticks and stones... Why does he (or anyone) care so much that the guy calls him a bully. It's politics. Seems a bit thin skinned to me -and that is a character trait of what type of personality?

I don't think Ludlow cares all that much. But the signs on the public right of way, not authorized by the adjacent property owners, are not a trend that anybody wants. Regardless of the content. The attempted anonymity is also ugly.

I support Lehan because she is competent; Ludlow is incompetent, really sort of unknowledgeable (the kindest word I think of), unworldly ... clue-challenged. Simply said.

But I like the posted realization that hatetalk bullying makes the target (intended) victim look decent, and exposes hatetalkers such as Obsessivehate Compulsivehate Disordered LarsLimbaugh being civil scourge, pox on vox populi, sociopathic dumbfks. The bad-seed hatetalk radio genre jumped the shark for the Lewinsky Impeachment and ever since is the voices who are losers and reviled.
Lars likes Ludlow; bullies of-a-feather flock together, eh? Or, more on point, Lars hates Lehan. And he cannot actually vote for either one -- he's a Washington State carpetbagger coming to Oregon to cause as much political stupidity as he can make stick.

Lehan gave the majority of her constituents the finger. Now they are probably going to give it back.

How ripe. Your little inference that there is some thin skinned behavior which indicates bully behavior is more of this guy's deceit.

Sure most things are fair game but the entire Bully accusation is contrived as Ludlow has never been a Bully in any form whatsoever.

The origin of that phony narrative and accusation is Lehan herself when she as Mayor got Ludlow thrown off the Wilsonville Planning Commission.

She and her pals concocted a tale of Ludlow being angry and abusive because he stood his ground against her plans and helped a recall Lehan campaign that came up only 146 votes short.

The outcome of that episiode is what the Bully sign guy and all of Lehan's campaign will not tell.

Mayor Charlotte Lehan came within 146 votes of being recalled in 2002. Ludlow was the Vice Chair of the Wilsonville Planning Commission (appointed by Charlotte Lehan). “Pay back” occurred.

He was removed from the Planning Commission. Ludlow sued the City and won.

The Clackamas County Judge who decided the case said that their claims had no merit and told him to “…fight on for what you believe in…”.
Among other things the City was ordered to put John back on the Planning Commission, pay $30K for his attorney fees and to printed an apology letter in the local newspaper.

The real "Bully" is in fact Lehan and her enitre light rail/planning gang who have been assailing communities across the county by forcing upon them an unwanted agenda.

Interesting free speech question involving public right of ways. Don't people hang banners from bridges, and stand around with signs in the Cright of way all the time. Who makes the call on when to remove political speech from a public place, especially if it is not disrupting traffic?

Drewbob, I would argue that the person being "thin skinned" is probably the guy sticking signs everywhere about mean old bullies.

Private signs are basically not allowed on the public right of way, or stuck on someone else's property without permission. But it always happens before elections. It is not isolated to this case by any means.


Are you deliberately mixing things up?

Anyone can stand almost anywhere and wave signs.

They cannot attached them to bridges & overpasses or place post signs in public rights of way where it is prohibited.

Statutes made the "decisions" long ago and this Bully sign guy knows he is violating statutes. He was busted by ODOT when he was posting his ridiculous "Like Traffic" signs.

He pretends it is ok for him. That makes him a liar about the Bully claim and a scofflaw for illegally posting his signs.

And you shouldn't be trying to gin up excuses like
"especially if it is not disrupting traffic?"


OMG are you for real?
You speak just like Lehan or her friend Sam Adams.

Your ignorance regarding both Lehan and Ludlow is rich.

Lehan has a lengthy history of being one of the most conniving, inept and costly elected officials in the region. She could be the worst according to those who have actually dealt with her over the years.

She also recklessly piled up Urban Renewal abuse as Mayor so that now $6.5 million per year are diverted from Wilsonville property taxes to pay their UR debt. 2nd only to Portland and and Salem.
Had the voters not stopped her and the county, Clackamas County would have soon surpassed all UR offenders.
Clack Co w/cities already burns $29.7 million per year paying
UR debt.

Her advocacy for WES and many other shady schemes (Solo Power) and boondoggles makes her the epitome of the incompetent, unknowledgeable, unworldly and clue-challenged profile you falsely apply to Ludlow.

Ludlow is a very decent man. Simply said. Any honest discussion of Clackamas County issues makes it clear.

Your stream of tired Lars venom is no case for Lehan's public deceit or against Ludlow's fine & honest stature.

Anyone who ignores what Lehan and Damon did is being disingenuous
The UNNWANTED posters make it clear on how to vote.


Lehan & Damon

"They sent $20 million of your tax dollars to TriMet 4 days before you voted to stop them!"

Additional charges:
Opposed the 70% of Clackamas County voters who demanded an end to Urban Renewal abuse.

Opposed the 63% of Clackamas County voters who rejected the Sellwood Bridge fee increase.

Called John Ludlow after nothaveing any communication with John since 1966. In 1970 while a student at Clackamas Community College Joh was elected to the College Board, John is a person with convictions that are founded on the individuals right to have the elected officils be a representative of the VOTERS, not a shovel it down your throat politician that care not about spending taxpayer monies. I know and bet JOHN LUDLOW will be a better guardian of tax dollars that the clown now in office in Clackamas County.

The choice is obvious,Portland CREEP, or a free Clackamas County not hooked the failed practices of Portland, and the Clowns that are running Portland into the ground.

Snards: Agree there's more than enough thin skin to go around in this Clackistan v The World debate.

Tenskwatawa....thats just messed up. You sound like you could use a hug.

I do not know Ms. Lehan or Mr. Ludlow however I have talked to both of them several times at various venues. A couple of observations.
Ms. Lehan will NOT answer a direct question about anything without vague talking points drivle. She seems very uncomfortable with unprogramed situations.
(reminds me of a couple Gatsby Wyden encounters I had before he moved to NY)
If you watch her at the CCBC meetings (available on TV) she is unoganized,unprepared, at times unintelligible and has trouble with reading and simple directions.

I have found Mr. Ludow happy to not only answer direct questions, he will take follow up questions. He also will have a sane conversation with you even when you might disagree with his position. He seems very prepared and knowledgable.

The irony in Tenskwatawa's post couldn't be richer:
"But I like the posted realization that hatetalk bullying makes the target (intended) victim look decent...."

He then proceeds with his own "hatetalk bullying" of Lars (as usual), using such hatetalk words as "sociopathic dumbfks".

Makes his "target victim" - Lars - look decent.


I like Jefferson. I like Randy. Because I talk with them in person and I form my opinion. A bunch of times they do wrong. Pretty much they do right. They hold power. It's corrupting. Kinda like battery acid oozing into one's moral soul.
I suppose they cheat. I expect they win. WhoWhatEVer.

Posted by Tenskwatawa | April 5, 2012 7:16 PM

Let's take a look at Dave Adam$ and what he $tands to gain if Stafford is developed...he owns a lot of property in that area. And isn't there really something inherently wrong in his bullying signs? Who is really the bully?

Dave Adams has been a boil on the butt of West Linn for more than ten years, when he first started littering the landscape with his faux-populist road signs in the cause of ex-Mayor David Dodds. Giving the devil his due, Dodds may have won his election because of the sheer number of impressions of said signs on eyeballs not connected to brains capable of due diligence - and the residents of West Linn paid dearly for years thereafter for Dodds' bumbling and meddling while in office.

Anything Adams has done since, is doing now, or will do in the future is tainted by the damage his first "project" inflicted on our community. And how ironic is it that someone who holds the Stafford Triangle as holy ground has so little regard for the rights of other private landowners (or the owners of the public right-of-way, which is us) that he throws up his little signs with such gall?

No defense of Tensky here, I find his posts incomprehensible most the time. But to defend Lars against hate talk or bullying in a comment that remarks about irony is truly rich indeed.

Just sayin,

What have you imagined you read?
The only person who said anything about Lars was Tenskywatawa.

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