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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sustainability Center still not dead

One of the private companies hoping to make work for itself out of the project keeps talking like it's still viable. There's no mention of a public handout in the latest discussion, but since virtually nothing gets built in Portland any more without a substantial taxpayer subsidy, it's hard to imagine that it isn't going to ask for one.

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There's a gory show called The Walking Dead on the AMC cable network where this type of thing is fictionalized every Sunday night.

Nabipoor said the company is not seeking a city partnership, but its announcement noted support from the Portland Development Commission.

Sounds like the Milwaukie Light Rail, one way or another,
they will want to maneuver this through.
Isn't Portland Development Commission, our city money?
68 days left. How many more projects does Sam have to shove through
before he leaves?

Clinamen, you're right in asking what "support from the Portland Development Commission" means. Since 26% of our city taxes goes to the PDC, plus all the TIF dollars that goes into their controlling bucket, the question is valid.

Nabipoor, since you think it is a good idea, then do it on your dime to support your conscience that a building can be totally energy neutral. If it's energy neutral it should be economical feasible without ANY public subsidy."Sustainable" should always include it's economics. Enough of Leonard's WaterHouse policies.

Can we officially translate "sustainability" as Zombie Capitalism?

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