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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Susan Anderson: Portland's Martha Stewart?

Please, please, Mayor Hales, shut down this operation. It's making us ill.

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Please please please tell me no tax dollars were used to produce it. Pretty please. Pretty pretty please. I'm begging now. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez! Someone? Anyone?

It's okay we may not know how to sustainably create Halloween costumes for the kids. Surprised they do not warn about appropriate treats to hand out. Would not want to increase our carbon footprint or methane output after a load of bull like this.

Amazing, isn't it? That sites like this offer no opportunity for feedback from the public? Gutless wimps.

Anyone have an idea how much money that website costs to run? It would be funny if it wasn't so Portland.

How about dressing up as Susan Anderson-her message is SCARY!

Poor kid....forced to wear green doggles, and that dumb sun thingy.
The child is a classic example of a kid who will be bullied on Nov 1st!
Message for Susan; "shut up!"

Now that we've all been enlightened on how to reduce our carbon footprint, how about we all work on reducing our sanctimonious, condescending, holier-than-thou BULLS**T footprint! Okay?? Susan?? What do you think??

Oh boy............

20 odd miles round trip to Sauvie Island. I love it there, but how is driving there and back in a car to buy a pumpkin using less carbon than a trip to Freddies?

Maybe I'm supposed to take a bus to Sauvie?

It seems we have to fight so many over paid government functionaries that interfere with so many aspects of our daily lives....

... when we get one that merely wastes taxpayers money yet is of no significance it almost seems like it's a GOOD THING that's all they do.


No don't ride the bus....you are supposed to ride your bike there and back and balance the pumpkin on your head for the return trip!

Just wait, Multnomah County Health Department is going to start putting ads on the sides of buses and on TV to gloat how awful halloween candy is, and instead you should give out and eat spinach or brussel sprouts or celery instead.

"You'd have to walk from little Johnny's house in Rockwood, to little Susie's house in Sellwood, to burn the calories from that fun size Hershey candy bar!"

Halloween has an unbelievably HUGE carbon footprint. Not gonna do it.

Better just to stay inside with a few candles, a pot bellied stove, and then go to sleep wearing a wool sweater over your long johns.

Welcome back to 1865, Portland.

"How about dressing up as Susan Anderson-her message is SCARY"

I once knew a Sue Anderson... But she changed her (yes, this was not the boy named Sue) name to Sioux Anderson. For a while, at least. No, she was no Elizabeth Warren Fauxcahontas. She just thought it be cool to pretend to be an Indian. Or something. Yeah, whatever girl. (She was quite young back then).

But this job fits her to a Tee... Could it be the same one?

Lets make the Earth greener by restoring the trapped carbon to the atmosphere!

(All that carbon trapped in fossil fuels came from plants sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere - CO2 is plant food!)


So informative, I can't wait until the Christmas issue is posted. News flash We, here in Portland, will celebrate Christmas on December 25th. You peons can make your own Christmas presents for family and friends by scavenging items from your and your neighbor's big green recycle bin. Foil, after it's properly cleaned using water from your rainwater capture bucket, can be fashioned into wonderful foul weather hats. Two tin cans and a piece of string can become awesome communication devices.

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