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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday morning, walkin' the 'dogs

It's that time again -- time to reveal our players' picks in this week's segment of the charity pro football underdog pool. Lots of our players are throwing in with the 'Skins and the Saints:

13 JACKSONVILLE at Green Bay - Gary, Coastal Storm, MickeyMacNYC
7.5 CAROLINA at Chicago - Bob, Rudie
7 ST. LOUIS vs. New England - Pdxmick, Paul, Eric W.
6.5 TAMPA BAY at Minnesota (Thursday, winner) - Broadway Joe
6.5 ARIZONA vs. San Francisco (Monday) - Pete Rozelle, Ted, Dr. D
6 NEW ORLEANS at Denver - PDXileinOmaha, Bayou Baby, Jeremy, Biggest Cubs Loser, Juicen, Cinderella Story, Grizfan, John Cr., John Ch., Tung
5 WASHINGTON at Pittsburgh - Lucas, Michael K., Carol, NoPoGuy, JMH, Ricardo, Will, Gordon, Usual Kevin, DB Cooper, Annie, Bad Brad, genop, Drewbob
3 CLEVELAND vs. San Diego - Tinknocker
2.5 SEATTLE at Detroit - Sola, Dave A., Pete Rose, genop's gal

Please note: As usual, these are the picks as of earlier this morning, several hours before the deadline. (This post is being triggered by a robot.) If additional picks have come in (or changes have been made) after this post was written but before the deadline, they will be added to this post as soon as we can get to it later today.

Good luck, players. Enjoy the games and the rest of the day.

UPDATE, 12:25 p.m.: This morning's picks by genop, genop's gal, Eric W., Drewbob, and MickeyMac added.

UPDATE, 1:15 p.m.: No winners in the early games. Indy prevails, but none of our players went there.

UPDATE, 2:41 p.m.: Correction! Cleveland provided some rare cleavage in its game with San Diego. Three points for Tinknocker.

UPDATE, 8:50 p.m.: The Saints ain't even close, leaving just two players scoring so far this weekend. The standings, with three contestants (marked by asterisks) picking tomorrow night's game, are:

DB Cooper 21
Ted 19.5*
Pdxmick 19
Broadway Joe 18.5
Annie 18
Michael K. 17
Tinknocker 17
Ricardo 16.5
Will 16
Juicen 15
George 14
Pete Rose 14
genop 13
Paul 13
PDXileinOmaha 13
Tung 12
NoPoGuy 11.5
Pete Rozelle 11.5*
John Ch. 11
Bayou Baby 10
Drewbob 10
Eric W. 10
Grizfan 10
Biggest Cubs Loser 9.5
Bad Brad 9
Bob 9
Cinderella Story 9
Jeremy 9
Usual Kevin 9
Gordon 8.5
Coastal Storm 8
Dave A. 7
MickeyMacNYC 6
Dr. D 5*
John Cr. 5
Lucas 5
Rudie 5
Carol 3.5
genop's gal 3.5
Gary 0
Sola 0

Comments (10)

Win or lose, I've got good company with my Washington pick!

I'd have to give Coastal Storm the edge today.

Looks like the Panthers may have blown their chance. Bears 25 yd. INT return for a TD with 6:44 left in the game -- CAR 19, CHI 20 (xtra pt yet to come).

St. Louis Lambs get broiled in London. Oh well.

Whoa! Panthers get a FG, up 22-20 with just over 2 mins. left. Game for the Bears now riding on Cutler. Panthers defense need to hang on for Coach Ron Rivera, former '85 SB XX Champion LB.

Cleveland won an early game, Jack.

Well, there ya go. Apologies to Tinknocker.

Atlanta beat the Eagles as I predicted, and Miami beat the Jets, too, but no one was interested in just 1 pt., so no pick ups there. And Oakland is up 13-6 and near the KC goaline in the 3rd Q, with KC QB knocked from the game in the 1st half. Another good 1 pt. pickup opportunity passed on. There's half a season still left, don't forget -- plus the post-season. Tortise vs. Hare....

39 of 41 players separated by just 17.5 pts. going into this week.

As a season ticket holder with the Raiders, I have to say that today they looked like a team playing disciplined football. Only two penalties today for 20 yards - a low for a game this season; and only one interception. This coming week's game against Tampa Bay will be a good matchup.

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