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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summing up the Smith assault story

A friend of ours said it all: It's Déjà Wu.

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Did Wu ever lose an election?

Even when exposed for rape at Stanford?

Even when his staff hid him from voters due to his erratic mental behavior in the months before the lection?

Even then, Wu won.

Portland loves their liberal idiot Mayors. Sam and his Breedlove affairs and his pickup crashes with his pants unzipped.

Nutsy will fit right in with the hip Portland vibe.

He's not running against a Republican. And hipsters don't beat women.

We're about a month out--has anyone run any polls for this race? It will be interesting to see what people are thinking. My guess is that if Smith is up or within 3 points or so, Hales will unleash some remarkably dirty ads.

"...has anyone run any polls for this race?"

The race was officially over when Smith got to the point of having to confess shoplifting three lollipops when he was 13 or 14. A first class douche-bag or a first class liar. What a choice.

Wu who?

The September 20 KATU polls reports 34 percent of voters polled said they would vote for Hales, while 29 percent said they would vote for Smith. 37 percent were undecided.

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percent.

I don't live in Portland but do have a question for Portlandians. Where do you find these candidates???


What a choice?

You aren't limited to the two idiots.

Write in the only adult in the room.

LaVonne Griffin-Valade, the City Auditor.

My oh my, what to do? Both names are followed by a D. Being a “non partisan” race then it could stand for anything? Dilemma.

"My oh my, what to do? Both names are followed by a D. Being a “non partisan” race then it could stand for anything? Dilemma."

This comment makes no sense. We will never have a candidate who is in anyway, shape or form affiliated with the Republican Party as a serious candidate for a city level politics in this city.

Never say never Kevin. Even the very slow tend to learn after repeated failure.

Maybe Jefferson just start punching out his critics. Better to own your flaws than to keep apologizing for them.

exposed for rape at Stanford?

There was an assault. It was never 100% clear that it was sexual. In fact, one Stanford source told me that it was a nonsexual assault.

Geez, even left-of-center Steve Duin says you shouldn't trust either Hales or Smith, the only two candidates for Mayor. Portland is a place of the flowery, make believe governance. It is very discouraging to live here if you just want government to do the basics: police, fire and roads; and otherwise, leave you the heck alone. I think a lot of us just need to face the facts: We live in the wrong place. It is hopeless to try and actively fight city hall; because if you are oh so lucky to win one fight, 20 more looney new government intrusions re-appear (can you say Convention Hotel and Oregon financially Unstainability Center).

I'm rooting for Mr/Ms/Mrs Undecided.
They have a clear lead in the mayor's race..

"I think a lot of us just need to face the facts: We live in the wrong place. It is hopeless to try and actively fight city hall..."

Know your enemy, and it ain't city hall. SamRand, Nutsy, CharLie, et al were all very well known idiots long before they got in office. Please don't blame the idiots for being idiots. Especially since they are very good at being idiots.

Nope, the problem is not that Portland has so many idiot's to choose from. The problem is that the Portland electorate votes the idiots into office, often as a badge of honor. There is your problem. Sadly, many of Portland's electorate are right here at Bojack's blog commenting away, without realizing that they are the problem, not Nutsy or CharLie.

Remember, Portland gets what Portland wants. Always.

The problem, actually, is in the Democratic party and the education system that underwrites it.

Today I met a nice girl who has a minimum wage job working for PCC.
Doing what, pray tell? Well, she's a paid student body president. Waaaah....?..
Yep, it's a paid position, which is "selected". Easy to imagine the details.
And what, pray, does she do? Well, her primary duty is to register community college students to vote. In other words, PCC is acting as an arm of the Democratic party.

Really? Our talented man in Libya gets asphyxiated and his dead body gets paraded around the streets of Benghazi for want of State department funding for his security, but we can pay "student body presidents" At community colleges to register a bunch of know-nothing kids in their first tour of binge-drinking 101 to VOTE.??

Dear God, let Romney win, please, just give us a sign that the country is not headed for a complete meltdown, please...

Screw Portland: it's never going to change.

I supported the Jellyfish when he ran against Creepy for Commissioner, who won using Weiner's dirty tricks. That was my last attempt to influence Portland's leadership.

Now I live in Vancouver. Is it perfect? No. But the cost of living is lower (especially property taxes and municipal utilities) and my wife and I both work in Washington, so we pay no income tax.

I'm not sure I understand the correlation between Benghazi and PSU. I would expect Portland to become even more Weird if Romney wins: it's how they distinguish themselves from the elite.

I'm referring to the way tax dollars are frittered away on fripperies while being withheld from critical programs. We have no actual current effective mechanism to prevent the kind of waste being orchestrated by PCC's "get out the vote for the Democratic party" drive. But expressing personal and collective anger over shocking governmental failures like the one that ended Chris Steven's life, is just another way to attack the frivolity of our local government squandering committees.

Romney or Obama will have no effect on Portland. Portland is in a slow-motion death-roll in the tight vice grip of the jaws of the Democratic party, with no rescue squad in sight. The country as a whole, however, could benefit from an injection of talent, and from some relief from the circus of the Obama administration and its most ardent supporters.

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