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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spin spin spin from Gatsby's apologists

The friends and followers of Senator Ron Wyden (R-N.Y.) keep fibbing about what he and Paul Ryan did together about health care, less than a year ago. Kari Chisholm at Blue Oregon in particular keeps shouting to anyone who will listen that Wyden and Ryan just wrote a "white paper" together. That's complete malarkey. It was clearly a proposal for legislation.

Indeed, Wyden himself touted it as the "Wyden-Ryan Plan" and a "proposal" for legislation. Not a "white paper" -- a plan and a proposal. Wyden's own press release, using those terms, is here.

Sure he's embarrassed now, as he darn well ought to be. The episode exposes him as the sellout that he is. But lying about what happened isn't going to help old Gatsby's reputation, east or west of the Hudson River.

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He will become Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Romney Administration. Washington DC is only a couple of hours away from NY City, and he won’t ever have to come back to Oregon again.

BO does seem to come to the quick defense of every single progressive politico, no matter how wrong or how right they are. It is commendable to me how they seem so darned determined to fiercly defend their ideals, even in the face of adverse controversy.

But this is what bothers me. The writers there have a familiar odd way of posting, eerily communicating repetitive beliefs to their readers in much the same way a pair of Saturday doorknockers might talk with unsuspecting homeowners.

It could mean the defensive mantra is a false front. More than a few Blue Oregon bloggers and posters may really be in-the-closet conservatives who want desperately to come out. They may realize the hypocrisy in what they have been preaching, but once becoming a part of blue team there may be no easy or safe way to leave them.

Finally outed, we may even find some BO folks were somewhat religious and secretly keeping autographed photos of Dick Cheney and GW on their virtual office walls.

So...is there something/everything in the plan/proposal/whatever that you dislike/oppose/should be damned to Hell?

Speaking of the Gatsby, did he ever get back to anybody about the high gas prices? Its been so long I can't recall his call. He was going to get to the bottom of it or did that bottom he mentioned pertain to we the consumers anatomy?

Ron Wyden- the Jack Roberts, Norma Paulus, & Frohnmayer (either one) of the Oregon Democratic Party.

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