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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speaking of falling for it

The Trib endorses Char-Lie, explaining:

Fortunately for voters, Hales has all the qualities necessary to be a good mayor. He has specific ideas for fostering a better business climate in Portland and for re-examining city priorities. He pledges to redirect resources away from pet projects and administrative overhead to better fund basic needs such as street paving and sidewalks.

Four important words they left out: Homer Williams and Mark Edlen. The only basic need Hales cares about is making those two birds richer.

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"He pledges to redirect resources away from pet projects"

That sounds like the same message we've heard since Vera walked in. Hales is so in the tank for developers he might as well deed them any land available.

There's no such thing as pet projects with these crony racketeers.
They're all vital infrastructure and important for economic development.

That's why they call it "fostering" and "investing" instead of pay to play & enriching their friends.

If Hales had an ounce of honesty he would right now be loudly opposing the infill apartment bunkers which he had lectured at PSU as being inappropriate on Portland streets like Hawthorne.

He opposed the streetcar on Hawthorne because the kind of development the streetcar needs is a bad fit on Hawthorne.

Watch Hales the reptile yourself.

All of you, forget all the other names and just write in LaVonne Griffin-Valade.

What good is it to dilute the write in with four different names?

The Trib is so stupid.

They claim Hales is better suited to "work harder on basic functions such as public safety, garbage pickup, street paving and sewer and water services."

But their own paper reported when Hales quit his city commissioner job.

Hales said, "I’m a change agent, not a maintainer,” he said, “and I like to make things happen."


Of course the link doesn't make story come up because it appears the Trib buried their archives.

All the usual suspects, or a high percentage thereof

The Trib's archive was lost in a storage unit fire.

"Birds"? You mean like vultures?

He pledges to redirect resources away from pet projects

The only way Charlie could say that without lying is to actually shut down the Streetcar. As in, on day one in office, pull the plug, fire all its employees, sell off the Streetcars, and promise never, ever, ever to utter the words "Streetcar", "Tram", "Trolley", "Train" or "Rail" again.

His nose is already longer than Pinocchio's.

"He pledges to redirect resources away from pet projects"

For how long?

Away from pet projects - how much money away from pet projects, some or a stop to that agenda?

After watching the mayoral debate earlier this week, our family's consensus is that Hales will be more effective at accomplishing his agenda.

Which is a great reason to not vote for him!

(Although I'm not sure I want to vote for Smith either. But I don't see that it's going to help anything to write in what's-her-name.)

Please look at his website and spread the word if you like.
He is serious and I believe the time is right for a write-in.
We would be so fortunate to have someone of his caliber.
Haven't we had enough of career politicians?

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