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Thursday, October 11, 2012

So many people, so little judgment

Look at this long list of people who fell for Jefferson Smith's phony baloney. Either that, or they knew what he was, and figured they could get something from him. All of them were wrong. Will any of them withdraw their endorsements in the week that remains before the ballots are mailed out?

UPDATE, 1:05 p.m.: Here's one who's wisely jumped ship. And others are reportedly pondering a pullout.

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Notice how reluctant the Oregonian is to talk about Smith's visit to the woman's home at 8 a.m. October 1st.

After ignoring it completely in one recent story, they are now tiptoeing around it with the line: "...new statements from the woman's attorney, who challenged Smith's Oct. 1 characterization of his actions."

He went to her house at 8 a.m. on the day of his BS press conference. It's the key part of the story. Maybe they don't discuss it because Willamette Week got there first, but you can not talk about this campaign without looking at the visit to the woman's house, and what that was really all about.

Good ole AFSCME. It wouldn't withdraw support from the Wendy's child-stabbing molester if he was their boy.

Police and fire just pulled their endorsements - to quote Michael Ray Richardson, "the ship be sinking"



I just want to say that your post on Blue was amazing, well thought out, and insightful - particularly the part about Portland Polite.

Being a transplanted East Coaster, I've been struck by the Portland Yes many times ("Oh, yeah, we'd love to come to your thing" and never show with no excuse). It's uncomfortable to discuss personal shortcomings, which is why so many people with personal shortcomings get elected. Yours was the best description and explanation of our dysfunctional syndrome that I've ever seen.


Thanks for the kind words. -BMCD

I would think that Smith would be sunk now, but as an old boxing fan might say ... he still has a puncher's chance.

Meanwhile, back at the Bus Project's Hideout:

BP Stooge #1: "There must be some way to get the boss back into the race."

BP Stooge #2: "He needs to do something so big that it eclipses the entire assault story and gives people something better to talk about."

BP Stooge #3: "What if Jefferson holds a press conference dressed up as Batman and challenges Hales to another debate?"

BP Stooge #1: "I like it. The press would be all over it and Hales wouldn't know whether to accept or not. Then, in the meantime, Jefferson/Batman could go out and start fighting crime."

BP Stooge #2: "What kind of crime?"

BP Stooge #1: "He could go into Old Town and start punching aggressive panhandlers in the nuts."

BP Stooge #3: "Perfect. Everyone hates aggressive panhandlers...and we will still hold onto the panhandler vote as long as we bribe them with better cigarettes."

BP Stooge #2: "Who is tougher on crime now Charlie?! Then he could patrol the MAX beating up the hoodlums that harass little old ladies."

BP Stooge #3: "KaPow! Thwaap! BAM!"

BP Stooge #2: "Don't forget 'BOP!'"

BP Stooge #1: "Then he could start filling potholes."

BP Stooge #3: "Umm...that's a little too mundane. It would never connect with voters."

BP Stooge #2: "How long would it take to turn our bus into a Batmobile...?"

As a mother and a woman I am personally disgusted by the wishy-Washy "statement" of the Mother PAC. What is there to ponder, if by some chance he pull it out, how bad he's gonna come gunning for you. Or "tapping" for you?

I had to stop looking at that list of "endorsers" because the bile was starting to rise. While I believe there are some cultish true believers, they are outweighed by the pragmatists who are getting in under the tent to make sure their piece of the public trough pie is secure. There's all kinds of "equity" projects, livability projects to be doled out. As a person who in general feels strongly that these are issues that need addressing, I know nobody on that list will really have the moral and intestinal fortitude to make that happen.

But hey, mortgages must be paid. To hell with living your alleged ethics. This "progressive" town has done more to turn this dyed-in-wool liberal RED than 2000 John McCain ever could.


I like your post because I truly could never understand why all of these people/organizations endorsed him to begin with. People are starting to jump off this guy's campaign like rats off a burning ship. Going RED over this chump makes no sense. He doesn't represent anything bigger than himself, which is a giant pile of you-know-what that the voters hopefully won't step in on election day.

How can the teachers continue to endorse a guy who punches men in the groin and women in the face. How do you explain that to your students?

PS: Especially with a school funding measure on the ballot! Hard for me to reconcile their continued support of such a terrible role model.

Usual Kevin:
I really wish I could go RED. I also wish we had free elections rather than coronations.

The list of community "leaders" supporting Smith is the best list of the local political undead ever assembled. And so close to Halloween too!.

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