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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sharpen your pencil

Here in Multnomah County, they say the ballots will be mailed out two weeks from tomorrow. Ballots for the military have already been mailed.

Under Oregon election procedures, early mailing of the ballots ensures that everyone has a chance to cast a vote, including dead people.

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Gotta have those dead people ballots to make sure the right person gets in office!

Chicago 1960

Vote early and often!

I think the obvious solution to the pandemic of dead voters is to require voter ID checks at every funeral home.

You got a problem with dead voters, Jack? They're Democrats, you know.

I'm genuinely curious because I really don't know: is there evidence of a problem with dead people voting - or other voter fraud - in Oregon? (Besides Charlie Hales, I mean.) I've seen you make comments along those lines before Jack, but I don't think I've read of any issues.

And the evidence of voter fraud in Oregon is....?

I think the worst part for fiscal conservatives in Portland, like me, is when the pro-government forces go out and target young voters; almost literally filling out ballots for them while standing in front of them for their signature, and then taking the ballot to the box for them because they are too busy with other things besides reading the voter pamphlet and getting to the ballot box in advance.

Nobody on the fiscal conservative side has the resources (unlike the public employee unions) to run after people to get them more involved in the voting process.

the pro-government forces

Bob, if you're anti-government, shouldn't you move to someplace like Somalia or Afghanistan, where you anarchists have more representation?

And the evidence of voter fraud in Oregon is....?

Deductive reasoning: Human nature exists. No one's watching. Therefore, people are cheating.

Personal experience: People signing blank ballots and handing them to spouses or roommates to complete.

Voter ID may be a bad thing, but actually seeing some live body before counting their vote is probably a good practice.

And the evidence of an absence of voter fraud in Oregon is...?

Well, for one, my dead grandmother hasn't voted in 40 years?

i dunno

The only fraud that comes to mind in Oregon surrounds Ballot Measure Signature gathering

Deductive reasoning: Human nature exists. No one's watching. Therefore, people are cheating"" Wow. In any significant numbers? What faith in humanity.

Allan L. I think you can figure out Bob Clark's meaning. Grow up.

A couple of years ago, after the FAA approved expansion of O'Hare, Chicago politicians were up in arms because a new runway would pass through a cemetery, disenfranchising hundreds of voters.

Vote by mail makes it that much easier.

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