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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Say it loud

The supporters of John Ludlow for Clackistan County chair have got to be taking a deep inhale. Think of how gratifying it is going to be for them to say no to all of these birds:

Since Ludlow forced Lehan into a run-off in the May Primary Election, Lehan has received contributions from Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen, former Multnomah County Commissioner Lisa Naito, Metro President Tom Hughes, Metro Councilor Carlotta Collette, Metro Councilor-elect Bob Stacey, Clackamas County Commissioner-elect Martha Schrader, Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten and Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman. Ludlow has only received a contribution from Damascus Mayor Steve Spinnett.

One vote will say so much to so many.

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That should tell the Clackistanis all they need to know - as though they had any doubts.

I thought that only big bad corporations bought elections.

But thanks for convincing me that Tom Hughes needs to go. Now. What a major disappointment for what should have actually been a good thing for Metro to listen to the suburbs. He is just another sucker.

Hughes has always been a phony who long ago bought into everything.

Isn't it special how the these "Regional Players" gang up and it's "Members Only" &
"No Public Allowed."

They've been playing their regional game for years and in 2003 their Private Club team ran a play against the people of Clackamas county to force (what they admitted was) unwanted light rail upon the county.
Jack laid it out here http://bojack.org/2012/09/clackistani_rebels_should_figh.html

The announcement was here http://www.oregonmetro.gov/index.cfm/go/by.web/id=3370

South Corridor Policy Committee members step up to face future transportation needs
Metro news release – Feb. 14, 2003
The South Corridor Policy Committee has unanimously recommended construction of two phases of light rail as the preferred major transit investments in the southeastern portion of the region.
Metro Councilor Brian Newman, who chairs the committee, supported the recommendation. "Light rail was being selected over other options considered after analysis showed that it would have the highest number of riders, the fastest travel times, the best connections to neighborhoods and centers as well as strong public support," he said.

John Ludlow is the real thing. The list of dirtbags opposing him reinforces that belief.

I also endorsed and made a contribution to Mr. Ludlow.
Mary Olson,
Lake Oswego City Councilor

Not voting for Lehan. Not voting for Ludlow. They're both unacceptable

My goodness. I hope Ludlow wins. What are his chances?

Yeah, I am sure he is different from all that came before him......

"I am sure he is different from all that came before him"

If its any comfort, Lehan will be the same as she always was, if that is what you want.

Coup Cont.

South Corridor Policy Committee February 2003:

· Chair Brian Newman, Metro
· Fred Hansen, TriMet
· Kay VanSickel, ODOT Region 1
· Jim Francesconi, City of Portland
· Jim Bernard, City of Milwaukie
· Alice Norris, City of Oregon City
· Diane Linn, Multnomah County
· Bill Kennemer, Clackamas County

In November 2001, when the earlier committee acknowledged, "the 1998 vote and subsequent public listening posts, that light rail was not going to be a project they would proceed with in this corridor"

they immediately began their Players Only rigged game & coup by first contriving

"the Policy Group added Milwaukie and 1-205 light rail options [back into] to the study due to the public's request. The public also asked if Metro could be able to move forward without a vote

It's here http://xn--cgi.ws/lk

Coup. cont.

In that 2001 JPACT meeting document:

"The light rail alternatives in this corridor can cost between $350 to $400 million dollars."
"The bus rapid transit projects in this corridor cost between $65 and $70 million dollars."
"The busway option is designed to try and give some of the benefits that can be obtained from a light rail line at less costs then light rail."

They ruled out everything but light rail.
Here is how they perpetrated the pretense of public involvement, concocted "strong public support" and avoided a public vote.

"The South Corridor Policy Group has initiated a more grass roots public involvement process for this project then they have had in the past.... This was set up in response to the citizen's request."

The coup proceeded with the Regional Players rigging light rail.

Martha Schrader was appointed in 2003 http://xn--cgi.ws/lm

The Players Ganged up to make Lynn Peterson Chair http://xn--cgi.ws/ll

She got the board expanded from 3 to 5 and appointed Ann Lininger and Bob Austin.

After Peterson's departure to advise Gov. Kitzhaber Lehan was appointed Chair and Damon was appointed Commissioner.

Quite a Coup d'etat, huh?

And now the public is about to overthrow them.

Rail Vote, it takes a while to go through your posts and summarize it.

I basically get that after citizens voted in 1998 to turn down lightrail into Clackamas, all 8 government officials on one committee (JPAC)contrived to ignore the vote by claiming there was a "public's request" to build lightrail into Clackamas. Then to bolster there claim, they say a "grass roots" effort propelled them on to where we are today with concrete towers in the middle of the Willamette and trees being cut down.

I sure hope they can recognize the "grass roots" effort that is being demonstrated by the lightrail vote 3-401. Maybe those 8 JPACT public officials will view a county wide vote as not a "grass root" effort and nullify the vote, since their deductive thinking is so clear.

What we need is not these citywide, or countywide votes.

We need a STATE Constitutional Amendment that guarantees that ANY rail project must have votes:

1. Public vote to authorize the project,

2. Vote by any district that will be taxed to pay for the district,

3. A separate statewide vote, if any statewide funds (i.e. ODOT) funds are used for the project.

That means for any rail project it must pass not once, not twice, but THREE times, for it to be authorized and funded - UNLESS a local district is willing to fund it all by itself, then it requires only two votes.

And for good measure, let's make them supermajority votes, AND such measures are ONLY allowed in general elections where either a President or a Governor is elected.


A statewide effort would be a daunting task and nearly impossible.

Better yet we have right now the opportunity to turn Clackamas County over to the hands of those in favor of full independent forensic auditing and performance assessment style management that will greatly impact the Regional Partner Racket's ability to perpetrate any more of the status quo.

Furthermore Clackamas County, under new leadership will quickly demonstrate a far better approach to land use, transportation, public expenditure and genuine progress.
The last thing the pay to play, crony capitalist, planning racket wants to be humiliated by anything other than their unwanted plans.

It's very simple.

A Ludlow, Tootie and Savas majority will free Clackamas County from the shackles of the private Regional Players Club and remnants of the Goldschmidt mafia.

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