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Friday, October 12, 2012

Right-wing dilemma

Whom to hate more -- Solyndra or the IRS?

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I don't understand why that is a right-wing dilemma only. We lose $500M that could've been used for schools/roads (I know the chances of that happening once it gets in someone like SamRand's hands are minimal.)

I am confused, if they declared bankruptcy, why the loss carry-forwards (which are like income) don't get included in the bankruptcy and instead get to get used by the parent company?

Can't i hate them equally ?

Like Steve- I am a bit perplexed- why would only the right wing have a dilemma over this- seems to me we should all be incensed - the money wasted on this boondoggle could have been better used in education and/or job creation- what a concept.

Or better used by leaving it in the hands of the taxpayer.

Why can't they sell off or auction off these carry-forwards like some businesses can sell tax credits, recouping some pennies on the dollar.

Um... I'm not a financial type, but the gu'mint selling losses on the cheap to a company so it can reduce its tax liability that it has to pay to the gu'mint seems to be leveraging a bad situation the wrong way.

I don't quite understand it either, probably meant to be that way. I do like the way you write gu'mint. I usually use 'gubmint'.

Why wouldn't a left leaning tax law professor be just as upset at the entire mess that just continues to stink? And indications the same deals are continuing to be made.

I'm guessing the guaranteed loan from the tax payers was the goal. " Green Energy " was the play.

No worries - we have SoloPower. Thanks, Sam!

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