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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reader poll: Who's the craziest, Adams, Smith, or Wu?

If there was any doubt that politics in Portlandia is attracting a highly unstable breed of bird, the saga of Jefferson Smith seals that truth. At this point he seems even flakier than Mayor Creepy, and right up there with defrocked Congressman David Wu. If you had to pick the worst screwball out of that trio, which one would it be?

Who's the craziest?
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I like to describe such comparisons as "taste-testing dog crap". Oh, you'll learn a lot by doing so, but you'll really hate yourself at the same time.

I put Scam Adams, but it'll be a close race. The hanging chads from BlueOregon will determine the outcome.

Boy, the toughest decision ever, asking that question and limiting yourself to just three possible choices!

Honorable mentions:
Their wives
The Mean Girls

The list goes on...

This isn't just a Portlandia thing. Take a look around:

Rep. Allen West of Florida; Todd Akin of Missouri; Joe Walsh of Illinois; Charlie Fuqua of Arkansas. (Don't know the name? Google "Death Penalty for Kids.")

The American political system has devolved to the point where no one in their right mind would run for office.

"I like to describe such comparisons as "taste-testing dog crap". Oh, you'll learn a lot by doing so, but you'll really hate yourself at the same time."

Now that is funny! How true. I also agree with Harry there are not enough buttons with names listed on here.

I would suggest a couple of more :

Unfortunately a long and troubling list

Clackamas County Commissioners

Columbia River Crossing design / engineering firms & buddies

Port of Portland scammers

PDC ripoff artists


Both Wu and Smith probably have some unresolved pscyhological issues that therapy could probably resolve. Neither of them really should be in a leadership position until their mental state is stable and being in the public view is not really going to help them recover.

Adams, on the other hand, is bringing out (no pun intended) his anger and resentment for being a bully victim in years past, but instead of actually using his power to accomplish good he's turned himself into the bully and will mow down ANYONE that disagrees in the slightest bit with him. He's now the bully and worse - he's actually proud of it.

Roger left out some classics: Ted Kennedy, Al Sharpton, etc., etc.

Tough call between TigerWu and Nutsy. Decided on Nutsy because his history of violent outbursts and reckless behavior suggests he's a bigger menace to society.

At least Wu's staff had the class to quit. That shows he was together enough to hire people with some integrity and perspective.

So far, most of Jefferson Smith's people have gone from sipping the Kool-Aid to sitting in a vat full of it.

And I do mean full of it.

"Who's the craziest, Adams, Smith, or Wu?"

The people who campaign and vote for these charlatans.

Goldschmidt should not be lumped in with any of these other characters mentioned, save possibly Ted Kennedy. He is in a league of his own.

After listening to Smith spew on Think Out Loud for the last 45 min, I want to change my previous vote from Adams to Smith. Smith wins this contest hands down.

Thats like asking whos the biggest screwball, Larry, Moe or Curly.....

At least Wu seems to have some honest-to-God medical issues on top of his egotistical behavior and poor decision-making...

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