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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rats jumping off S.S. Nutsy

It's so over. He's headed toward Jesse Cornett territory now.

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He's lost the unions, so he's lost it all.

Vote Fernandez to keep the other liar out.

I think it was pretty obvious from the beginning that Smith was only running for the title. I'm glad he's been exposed for the fake he is...

Not real sure why the Portland Police are bailing on Jefferson. They have plenty of
officers just as nuts as him...

And if by some fluke he does get elected mayor he might well be the first PDX mayor subjected to over use of deadly force that others with mental health issues in Portland are subjected to when dealing with the Portland Police.

I think at this point his best bet is to ask his supporters to write in Eileen Brady. Wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised, in fact. Too late to withdraw, but not really possible to run much of a campaign at this point.

Interesting to note that the 1993 police report appears to have been faxed on October 9, 2011. Googling the number turns up a page showing that fax belonging to Jesco International in Vancouver. But the name on the originating fax is "Three Js Dist". Could that be Three Js Distributing in Clackamas?

Why would this police report have been dug up (from where and by whom?) and passed around a year ago? Smith announced he was running for mayor on September 13, 2011.

Did someone hear that and say "Nuh-uh!"?

Oregon Secretary of State filing for Three J's Distributing:


Oregon SOS filing for Jesco International:


Any of these names familiar?

I hate to go just by looks, but that dude looks like a lot of the puffy faced frat boy idiots I went to college with.

At least time, had I voted by visage, I'd have been correct.

*this time

Am I the only one who looks at Jefferson Smith and wonders if he'd be much happier watching MTV videos with his best friend Beavis?

RE Nutsy's visage, I keep wondering who will play him in the movie....finally it came to me...Jason Segel, the guy who plays the "Marshall" character in the TV sit com "How I Met Your Mother".

Interesting also that for its reporting The O relies on the version of the police report faxed around a year ago by unknown parties.

Looks like somebody carefully laid the groundwork to take Smith out and then kept their powder dry until the timing was just right. Not that I feel sorry for him, but one can't help but notice the skillful takedown.

Or the year on the fax machine was off by one. My VCR says it's 1901.


You scrubbed my sleuthing. Does that mean I was right?

Mister Tee: I believe you were correct and I believe it was better not to revictimize that person who obviously doesn't want to be identified. I certainly did not have that intention when I did the initial research.

Regarding the date on the fax, it probably is just the setting that is off by a year and a few days.

The document appears to have come from someone related to Smith's victim rather than a political operative trying to dig up dirt. The trail is there for anyone to follow but I guess the question is, "What's the point?"

Somebody in her camp subjected her to media scrutiny when they faxed an 18-19 year old document to the press.

They didn't even do an adequate job of blacking out her name with a Sharpie: I was clearly able to confirm the correct number of letters and make out two of them distinctly (with magnification).

If she feels revictimized, that's on Nutsy or the family member who faxed it in, not me. And I have no intention of posting her name elsewhere or trying to learn anything more about her.

I don't even vote in Oregon elections anymore, having voted with my feet last year to Clark County.

If she feels revictimized, that's on Nutsy or the family member who faxed it in, not me.

Agreed. But I also agree with Jack's decision to take down the comment with the correct identification. (Good sleuthing work, BTW.)

Jack had every right to take it down: it's his blog and he has to protect his reputation as a reasonable man.

But I didn't know I had the right name until Burr called to have it removed.

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