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Friday, October 12, 2012

Randy's nemesis getting his way on Cindy's site

That homeless camp at NW Fourth and Burnside -- the one that Portland City Hall was trying to get rid of -- is still there, a year later. Apparently they just pay a $1,200 monthly "fine" to the city, and rock on. This is the site long targeted by Fireman Randy and his "hit" squad of inspectors, who ran an adult bookstore off and later wouldn't allow the owner to open a food cart pod there. It will be amusing if, when the Sam Rands leave office, the encampment remains.

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Apparently the concept of escalating fines has never crossed their mind. First offense is $X. Second offense is $3X. Third offense is $10X. But, no, let's figure out a "fine" regime that they can just figure in to their annual budget. Absurd.

I'm not opposed to this kind of camp in general, but not on a major thoroughfare in downtown.

The food carts would have been so much better. It's a shame that Portland's main boulevard looks so shabby at the entrance to downtown.

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