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Monday, October 15, 2012

Radiation spiking in Pacific Northwest air

Over the last several weeks, radiation measurement devices in Corvallis and Spokane have been recording some major increases in airborne radiation, according to this site. Here are the Corvallis charts, and here's Spokane. Something happened on September 17, and is still happening.

Funny thing, the Portland beta chart is blank -- it's that crackerjack State of Oregon radiation monitoring program. (Motto: "Nothing to see here, folks.") But the gamma numbers are clearly elevated.

Where is the hot stuff coming from? You've got to think it's the all-time world's worst nuclear power plant accident, Fukushima, which is still in progress and spewing all sorts of nasty stuff into the environment. Maybe the molten fuel from the triple meltdown has left the buildings and is now interacting with the ground and water. But really -- who knows what this is about? And if the nucle-heads in government knew, they probably wouldn't tell us the truth, anyway. Certainly Tokyo Electric, now nationalized, isn't breathing an honest word.

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I understand that what we are all waiting for is a major fire to hit the forest downwind of Chernobyl and for that uplifting to bring us radiation we haven't seen before.

And the political class wonders why people have become so anti-government.

They treat us like 3-yearolds who can't handle the truth.

This "we know better than you" is going to backfire sooner or later - unless we have become a complete nation of wimps, which is very debatable.

Well, DUH? This isn't abnormal at this time of year, ESPECIALLY because of the amount of sun-spot activity, and the autumnal equinox - we are facing the sun. Come on Jack, directly relate it to CS-137 drifting over from Japan, fine, but just raw Beta Radiation measurements? No! This is alarmist anti-nuclear propaganda, the way it is stated now, and absolutely worthless in this form.

I live north of Spokane. We've had significant air inversion from mid-Sept on, until the last few days. This often traps naturally occurring radon gas. That might explain it, in part, at least.

Distressing and maddening when decisions were made by those who wouldn't even consider the seventh generation, much less the first. Monsanto being another experimenting with GMO's. Seems war and money trumps all while living things are under control of greed and experimentation. It is enough to make one nauseous, however with so much as long as we can't see it. . . . .

Thank you, Mark, posting from your business of selling radioactive materials for medical testing and experimentation. We can always count on the industry line from your quarter.

If you can show us that the same thing happens every year at the equinox, you might have some credibility. But of course, you can't. And you also can't explain why this spike is occurring in the northwest U.S. and not elsewhere on the planet. In fact, you have no idea what is causing this. But you do know that it's not the nuclear industry. In other words, it's not you.

My hero and inspiration has just posted in her blog something to the mentality of Mark... enjoy!

by Mary Clare

I think it’s time to say ENOUGH!

I want to say that on two levels. FIRST –> I and we (women and men) have had enough of you who persist in the archaic notion that you have dominion over women simply because of the differences in our genitals. Really?

I know and understand from experience how difficult it is to have unearned privilege questioned. It feels like you’re losing something – and you are – you’re losing an unearned and irrational sense of ‘me first.’

Here’s the deal. You have body parts that are different from mine. Not many, mind you – only your penis and testicles. That’s pretty much it.

Body parts do not equal dominion OR authority.


So here we are. You’ve emerged from centuries of men who have acted as if they were the best – in the West and elsewhere. You never were, but you got off on (and got lots of stuff by) acting that way. And too many of us went along with you happily snagging the goodies from your coattails – stuff and more stuff. We’re not without blame, but lots of us are getting off the ride. We’re seeing where the byproducts of dominion — the wars, corporate domination and climate change — are taking us.

Still – and I suppose it really shouldn’t be surprising – the weird sense persists among too many of you men-in-power that you’re somehow winning in all of this.

You’re not.

The air you breathe, the water your body depends on is going as fast for you as it is for all of the rest of us. Arguably you’ll make sure to retain access to the last reserves, but you are being no less idiotic. You’re risking the life of an entire species (your own) and of every other animal and plant living on this planet.

Most of us still know you can grow up. You can get it that the we who are all-in-this-together includes you and your family and anyone else you may care about. Many men have gotten this – but not enough of you who hold the most money and power – you who have access to public venues like, oh, the media you or your friends own and so readily exploit.

The really curious thing is that you persist with no apparent idea how ridiculous you look driving the entire human species to destruction just so you can have insanely enormous mansions, ridiculously expensive clothing and jewels for your wives, embarrassingly costly meats and wines for your friends.

In the end, your penis will have nothing to do with the survival of the species, but your persistence in privileging it is having everything to do with our needless demise.

Oh, and then there’s the second thing.

–> ENOUGH is what I am.

It is what all women and all girls, all over the world ARE. We have never been less than enough. And here’s the rest of the news. That goes for men, too – for boys – for old men—for everyone. Each and all of us have always been enough.

SO – Enough on the male domination routine — the intrusion in the lives of women through policy, through language, through home life, through war and competition, through toxic food, air, water and all other oppression in support of corporate profit.

I’m done.

And I am enough.

So are you. So is every other person reading or related to anyone reading this blog – or related to them, or related to them.


And keep listening.

Aren't we "facing the sun" during the Vernal Equinox?

Reminds me of another post where some dude pretending to be an expert in pharma said that 750 million people live in Europe. Really? Not unless you include Russia and parts of Asia.

OK, Jack tell me then how is the radiation being measured? It makes a difference as to how alarmed we must be - is it being trapped in a filter of some sort, or is it a "Live" reading from a Geiger Tube? Radiation Measurements are random. Has the average measurement over a preset time changed? My opinion is that you don't know - and neither do I. Physicists can determine the origin of the Beta Radiation weather its origin is Hanford, Japan, natural or terrestrial. If you want to be alarmed perform a Radon test in your basement.

Yes, Mark, everything's fine, and there's nothing to worry about from Fukushima. It isn't affecting the environment at all. That gamma spike that coincides with the beta spike is nothing, too. Man-made radiation never harmed anyone. I'm counting down to when you tell me that cell damage from radiation repairs itself. You keep making a living off poisoning people. Then ridicule anyone asking questions. How can you look at yourself in the mirror?

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